The top home design trends that are currently all the rage have impacted both new home builders and homeowners considering a remodel for decades. The kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms have always taken the top honors for home buyers look for when making home design, remodeling, and purchase decisions, and most people know their importance to home resale value. Trends that accent wood flooring and tile are some of the latest that drive design and home value.

But what are the top home design trends that are currently impacting home value?


Top Home Design Trends

A recent study shows that there are home design trends that are not only popular, but they are impacting home sale prices as well as sale speed. It’s no surprise that we are seeing the same Portland home design trends here, that are mirroring the national craze. In fact, two of the most popular home design elements we are seeing when working with new customers on their wood flooring, are sliding barn doors and subway tile. Both go perfectly with tastefully matched hardwood flooring and therefore are usually part of the selection process when our customers are choosing the new components going into their new home or remodel.

As you will see later in our piece, these top interior design trends are also increasing home resale values.

1. Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are the top home design trendGaining popularity over the last decade due to the continual use on interior design and remodeling TV shows, the sliding barn door has become a huge trend in popular home design. Because barn doors introduce rustic tones, rough texture and a timeless casualness to any other home design style, it is often used to either soften, pop, or maintain a palette within a space, all while adding warmth and texture. Because barn doors provide both functional and artistic elements to a space, it has become something that many home buyers and home remodelers consider valuable.

There are three main types of sliding barn doors that are most common. The single standard-sized sliding door, the single oversized barn door and the double sliding barn door. Though all three types of sliding doors offer similar function of opening and closing off internal spaces, they are often used in differing circumstances.

Single Standard Sliding Barn Door

Single Barn Door Home Design TrendDescription: A close to standard-sized door covering a standard-sized door opening, using sliding barn door hardware.

Uses: The single standard sliding door is probably the most common use of the sliding barn door trend and is typically seen in light remodels for kitchen pantries, dens and sometimes master bedroom closets and bathroom doors.

Single Oversized Barn Door

Description: The single oversized sliding barn door is slightly or vastly larger than a standard door or door opening.

Uses: Becoming extremely popular, the oversized barn door is more commonly being found in higher-end remodels and new construction to function within open-plan design trends that can also close off larger spaces for various multipurpose uses. We also see oversized sliding barn doors utilized in various elements within higher-end master suites.

Double Sliding Barn Door

Double Barn Door Home Design TrendDescription: Double sliding doors that meet in the middle when closed.

Uses: The uses for double sliding doors are very similar to the uses described above for oversized sliding barn doors, but using two doors instead of one. At some point the oversized door can become too large and heavy for some openings or applications, that’s where the double door option makes more sense. Due to its design and functionality, the double sliding door lends itself to closing off spaces that do not require real privacy, as the gaps could make privacy scenarios a bit awkward.

2. Subway Tile

Subway tile is a top interior design trendIt’s no surprise that subway tile is included in the list of top home interior design styles right now. In fact, the versatility of subway tile is something that makes it so attractive and functional that many homebuyers look for this feature in a home they are looking to purchase. Homeowners and homebuyers alike are using subway tile in record numbers and based on how many of our customers in the Portland area are asking for it, we don’t expect the trend to slow anytime soon.

The timeless, clean and versatile nature of subway tile enables them to be integrated into just about any design style and color palette, it’s clear that the subway tile craze is here to stay.

Improvements That Increase Home Value And Sale Speed

The data supporting these top two home design trends goes well beyond our own observations when working with our Portland area wood floor, countertops, and tile customers. In fact a study conducted by Zillow shows that not only are sliding barn doors and subway tiles the top two interior design trends in the U.S., but these two home features positively affected how fast a home sells, and for how much. The Zillow study shows that home features make a difference and design trends that are associated with those features get shown more frequently, resulting in higher prices and faster home sales.

After analyzing over 2 million listings, it was revealed that:

1- home listings that had the words “barn door” in their description sold for a 13.4 percent higher than expected and 57 days faster.

2- New home listings that mentioned “subway tile” in their listing sold for 7% more than expected and around 63 days faster.

Other top home design trends included in the study were;

Shaker cabinets – 13.4 % sale premium and a 57-day faster sale.

Farmhouse sink – 8% increase in selling price, with no measurable faster sale period.

Quartz – (as in countertops) saw a 6% increase in home sale price, while “granite” received only a 4% increase.

Here in Portland, the top interior design trends are definitely keeping up with what is happening nationally. If you want to increase the value of your Portland home, you will want to make sure that your home design covers each of the key trends outlined in this article. The more of these home design features and keywords that your home design incorporates, the higher the selling price you can reasonably expect when you sell your Portland area home.

We not only keep up with the latest trends, but we also know how to help you match your flooring, tile, and everything else to fit with these styles on your new project. How can we help you?