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Whether you are looking for superior granite countertops, marble counter tops or stone countertops, Simple Floors Portland gives you the timeless beauty and strong durability of natural stone and engineered counter tops with first-rate strength and longevity.

We offer our Oregon, Vancouver and Portland customers, a wide assortment of natural stone, marble, granite and engineered countertops right at our NW Portland showroom and home design center. Our Portland showroom location has an experienced design team that can help you pick the exact countertop material for your home improvement project, renovation, remodel or new construction design. Are you ready to get started now?

Marble and granite countertops in PortlandGranite and marble countertops are both highly valued in home resale and add an overall value to your kitchen and bathrooms. Most people highly favor that type of material as their go-to surface material. It is classic in its design appeal and the colors and textural patterns are wonderfully varied. No single countertop is like any other, giving the homeowner a custom look all their own. The striation and patterns in every slab are each uniquely different and also contains a natural beauty within it. The downside is that this material requires a significant amount of care after installation. While it’s popularity and beauty is highly prized that may overcome any objection to maintenance issues and it does also offer a durable strength making it an outstanding choice for any high-end style kitchen and bathroom resurfacing project or build.
Glass countertops - Recycled materialsRecycling and reusing materials is just part of who we are in Portland. Simple Floors Portland is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable flooring and we’re stepping up further with our new green countertops made entirely from recycled glass products. Curava countertops use recycled glass to attain durability and value while paying significant attention to our environment. 100% of the glass used in our glass countertops comes from recycled sources. The glass used to construct our counters is collected from landfills and other resources that are derived from post-consumer and post-industrial waste, which includes discarded glass bottles, windows, and surprisingly even windshield glass.

Our recycled glass counters have been tested and certified Food Safe by NSF, the public health and safety company. The best advantages for this type of surface material is it’s stain resistant, low maintenance, non-porous and hygienic, and extremely scratch and heat-resistant! Making this type of countertop surface a popular choice for the growing demand for home products made from sustainable materials and it is equally uniquely beautiful once installed in your kitchen or bath.

Read our entire article on green countertops: Countertops – Eco-Friendly, Recycled and Totally Green

Portland natural stone countertopsThe lesser known natural stones (limestone, Jerusalem stone, soapstone, slate) can make a stunning choice for your kitchen and bath countertops. They have different levels of durability, stain resistance and chipping but some can be more resilient than other stone materials, for example Jerusalem stone which looks like limestone is more durable than granite. Sometimes choosing a lesser known natural stone surface can give your kitchen or bath an interior design distinction that is exclusively yours and not as cookie cutter as some other surface material options. Our expert design team can help you with all the natural stone options we carry and educate you on their levels of capability, strength and maintenance requirements.
Quartz Countertops - Portland, OrIf you are looking into an engineered countertop than you are looking for a material that will outperform under the toughest conditions of wear and tear. The two most common stones used in producing this composite materials made of crushed stone bound together by an adhesive are marble and quartz. A solid surface product created in a factory setting and engineered to look and feel just like natural stone. It is considered one of the world’s hardest surfaces and its not surprising that many busy families and commercial locations often select this countertop surface because of that trait. Engineered stone is a fantastic mimicker of granite and marble and the colors and patterns are just as diverse and pleasing to the eye. This surface material is virtually maintenance-free and you don’t need to seal or polish it ever.
PDX Countertops - Excellent PricesDeciding on a countertop that can meet all your kitchen or bath needs can be just as important as selecting your foundational flooring. We are confident that we have a countertop that will match your design taste and lifestyle. From cutting-edge sustainable green countertops to superior natural and engineered stone, we have the right mix of durability and beauty for all your surface needs. If you are resurfacing your kitchen and bathroom you can select from various different types of materials:

• Natural Stone
• Engineered Stone
• Marble
• Granite
• Green Sustainable Countertops

There are so many directions you can go in just selecting from our premium countertop choices that having our team right besides you as you view each option can make the process so much easier. Simple really! We are available to ask your questions on the material’s longevity, strength, maintenance and installation of each and every countertop material we carry. The only thing you will need to worry about is which one you like visually best in your transformed new kitchen or bathroom.

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Nothing quite compares to the look and feel of stone for your kitchen countertops. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, choosing a high-end, modern, classic or traditional look, we have in our design center custom granite, quartz, marble or stone countertop options for every type of design and for many diverse situations.

If you are looking to match your current color scheme or are in the throws of a complete remodel we carry numerous designer colors for your new countertop surface. Plus we also have wood flooring for your kitchen or bathroom flooring needs, We would love to help you build your ultimate designer kitchen or bath so please visit our Portland countertop, flooring and tile showroom today.

Caesarstone natural quartz surfaces in Portland

Simple Floors Portland carries Caesarstone natural quartz surfaces.

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