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Bamboo flooring offers a highly durable, eco-friendly and sustainable flooring option. Our floors come in a range of styles, colors and finishes that are manufactured with ultra low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including formaldehyde.

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Because bamboo flooring is and extremely hard material, it can be used in numerous installation applications where other wood flooring is less ideal. Here are just a few applications where they are a great option. In some cases it can be a quality alternative to either laminate flooring or even luxury vinyl tile.

  • Below grade – Because it is more resistant to moisture than other hardwood materials, it is a good flooring surface option for a basement or other below grade applications. They can be much more resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Bathroom – Due to its exceptional resistance to mold and moisture, they can also be used in bathrooms.
  • High traffic – Due to it’s incredible hardness, it is a perfect flooring material for high traffic areas of a home from living spaces, kitchens and hallways.
  • Pet friendly – The hardness of bamboo can be just as strong, hard, and durable as the hardest of traditional red oak flooring, and some can even be much harder.
  • It’s Exotic – Due to the construction methods used, it can have a truly unique and exotic hardwood appearance.
  • Traditional – Certain types of bamboo flooring can have the near identical appearance of other hardwood floors. From pine to oak and maple to birch, it can take on many color or grain patterns as traditional wood flooring options.

Though Bamboo is often called wood flooring and can look, feel and be used similar to wood products, it’s actually not even wood. It is really a large grass species that is oddly tree-like. It grows incredibly fast, which makes it a highly sustainable flooring material, unlike other tree-based floors. Constructed differently, it can be as soft as pine wood floors and even harder than the hardest of hardwoods. Manufacturing Process It is made using a completely different process than traditional flooring materials. Here is a quick list of the standard process bamboo grass goes through to become flooring. Step 1: Cut into strips Step 2: Pressure treating Step 3: Drying Step 4: Glued together and compressed Step 5: Cutting into flooring boards Step 6: Finishing

Installing bamboo floors is very similar to any other traditional hardwood flooring products. There are no special steps or additional fasteners required to install, just standard wood flooring best practices for putting in your floors.

Bamboo flooring offers a unique look over traditional wood floor materials, yet delivers similar and sometimes superior benefits. As an increasingly popular material, they are affordable, eco-friendly and a sustainable hardwood flooring option even more than engineered flooring.

Types of Bamboo Floors

All bamboo flooring starts with the harvesting of individual stalks. The stalks are sliced into thin strips and bound together with specialized adhesives, then finally milled into three kinds of flooring; horizontal, vertical and strand-woven. Of the three distinct types of floor, strand woven is by far the most durable. One of the hardest flooring products available, stranded is considered even more durable than red mahogany or oak solid wood flooring.

Strand Woven Flooring

Strand-woven flooring is made from the fibers of the plant instead of the cut stalk. Cut into strips, the fibers are processed by softening them, then pulling them apart to create the strands.

Bamboo Is Eco-Friendly

There are many sustainable, eco-friendly and environmentally friendly advantages to bamboo flooring material. Due to the rapid growth of the plant and how quickly it can regenerate in less than 5 years, they are an exceptional flooring choice for the environment as a sustainable wood flooring resource and also offers a strong flooring solution for spaces that require a hard, durable solution.

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Bamboo floors are a highly eco-friendly and sustainable flooring material, making it one the best choices for green flooring options. They can resemble almost any hardwood floor species, yet they’re one of the hardest floors available.

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Not only is bamboo one of the most durable flooring materials available, it is also easy on maintenance because it is highly stain resistant.

Common bamboo styles:

Wide Plank

family room bamboo flooring

Our flooring comes in click, micro beveled, tongue & groove and wide plus T&G edge designs.

Stairs and landing done in bamboo flooring

Beautiful dining room floor in bamboo