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There are typically two types of laminate flooring.

Tiles usually come in either solid-colored squares or square pattern tiles. They are typically installed like a floating floor, meaning they do not need fasteners or nails to secure them. Most laminate tiles are installed by clicking them together with interlocking joints.

Similar to tiles, plank style floors are rectangular and/or have a more wood floor shape to their construction. Planks also do not require glue and simply lock together with clickable or snap joints.

Choose from several distinct styles for your flooring.


This style is designed to appear imperfect with intentional distresses and abnormalities. These imperfections create an authentic wood-like flooring appearance and results in being more resilient to revealing scratches and scuff marks.


The hand-scraped style is an ancient finishing method that gives flooring a distressed look that appears older and more rustic. The appearance of handscraped wood is a bit more uniform and smooth than the distressed style.


Embossing is a process for adding texture to the floors by using heat and pressure to impart a raised wood grain pattern and a resulting natural look and feel to the surface of the flooring.


You are able to achieve the appearance of natural stone, marble or slate floors. They closely resemble the beauty of stone, slate, granite and marble with similar durability at a much lower cost.

Of course you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for care and cleaning of your floor, but here are a few tips on caring for flooring that will help guide your purchase.

When you vacuum, simply use the wand attachment rather than the upright vacuum mod, so you don’t accidentally damage your floor. You can always use a simple dust mop or wipe them down with a clean damp cloth.

For any kind of liquid spills, you will definitely want to wipe them up right away using a cloth or sponge. Don’t let food or liquid spills sit on your flooring. In dusty or sandy locations like the country, the desert or at the beach, we recommend a good sweep or vacuum regularly to prevent accidentally scouring your floors by walking on loose debris.

When needed, you can use a slightly damp mop with an approved cleaner but is not something that you will need to do regularly if you follow the previous tips.

We DO NOT recommend:

-Using soap-based cleaners, “mop and shine” or similar products, as they tend to leave a film behind.

-Using cleaners or tools which contain anything abrasive in or on them, such as steel wool or scouring powder, which will likely scratch and damage your floor.

-Waxed or polish your floor. It will definitely damage your flooring.

Laminate flooring offers the traditional look of organic hardwood flooring at a lower cost. Our floors include many colors and styles, as well as an easy to install click-lock system and most can be installed easily and without adhesives or fasteners.

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Laminate floors are constructed with multiple layers for durability, and have become a stylish and incredibly affordable choice for both residential and commercial applications instead of commercial carpeting or other floor options such as engineered wood floors.


Laminate floors are manufactured to have the look of just about any natural texture or design style. Therefore laminate flooring can be closely replicated down to the color, grain and even texture.

The construction of laminate flooring is normally made up of at least four layers of material.

  1. Wear layer – The top layer
  2. Design layer – Photographic imaging of wood
  3. Inner core – Stability, moisture resistance, sound absorption, and durability
  4. Backing – Protection and moisture barrier.


The rise in popularity of laminate is due to several key advantages it has over other flooring products such as LVT and hardwood floors.

  • Significantly more affordable than other wood or wood-like flooring materials.
  • The durability and install applications are numerous.
  • Ease of installation – There is a substantially smaller cost for installing laminate rather than other wood flooring and you can even do it yourself.
  • It is extremely scratch and damage resistant.
  • Very resistant to moisture and water.
  • Relatively maintenance free.

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Laminate floors are an exceptional low cost alternative to natural wood floors. In fact, the sky’s the limit for what look and feel you want to bring to your flooring space and budget isn’t a concern.

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Not only is it a great value for the look you are going for at a lower cost, they are also extremely easy to maintain and clean.


Price – It is a more affordable choice.

Durability – can be more durable than natural wood flooring.

Uniqueness – They can replicate the exact look of the wood texture you want.

Lifespan – They can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years on average.

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Our floors are easy to install with just a click.

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