Arizona Tile – Unica 24X48 Desert Porcelain


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The Arizona Tile Unica 12X24 Desert is a porcelain tile available in Portland. This beautiful porcelain tile rectangle is perfect for commercial and residential applications such as interior walls or flooring, exterior cladding, fireplaces, shower walls, or for pools and spas. Their dimensions are 12 by 24 inches and 10mm thick.

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Sold By: Sq Ft

Brand/Collection: Arizona Tile

Sq. Feet/Carton: 15.49

Thickness: 10MM

Size: 24X48

Shape: Rectangle

Composition: Rectified Through Body Porcelain*

Sheen: Matte

*rectified porcelain tile means that the tiles were cut during the manufacturing process for exact measurement sizing. This is done after the tiles are fired because the firing process for porcelain and ceramic tiles can variate up to 1.5% in size.

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