Faulkner Hickory Engineered Hardwood Floors


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The Hallmark Novella Collection Faulkner Hickory Engineered Hardwood Floors is available in Portland. This engineered dark hickory wood floor is Lightly Sculpted with a handcrafted micro bevel edge. This unique Portland hickory engineered floor has a 6” wide plank, a GlazeTek Poly Finish and a lifetime warranty.

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Sold By: Sq Ft

Brand/Collection: Hallmark / Novella

Warranty: Lifetime

Sq. Feet/Carton: 24.93

Board Thickness: 7/16″

Board Width: 6”

Board Length: Random up to 74″

Edge Design: Handcrafted MicroBevel

Surface Design: Lightly Sculpted

Wood Species: Hickory

Finish: GlazeTek Poly Finish


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