Are you wanting a great meal that leaves you feeling satisfied?

You may not know it, but the Portland metro area is very vegan friendly. In our article on best pizzas, we mentioned two vegan pizzerias (so we won’t mention them again here). From veggie scrambles to barbecue to dim sum, you can be sure that even your most carnivorous friends will warm their souls while living more gently on this Earth.

Many people are increasing their plant-based meals for their health as well as reducing climate change. Not all vegan restaurants are healthy. Some people feel deep fried food, even if it’s plant-based, isn’t as healthy. We don’t judge. But we do try and eat in moderation.

Whether you’re vegan or veg-curious, these hidden gems will be a great time for any date.


Harlow Cafe and Juice Bar

Vegan Food - Harlow Cafe PortlandIf you want trendy, check out Harlow on Hawthorne or NW 23rd. Their tagline is “clean & healthy food made with love.”Harlow specializes in juices, vegan toasts, veggie bowls, hashes, and scrambles. They even have vegan biscuits and gravy with market vegetables.

Not everything here is vegan. They do give you the option of eggs, smokey tempeh, or seasoned jackfruit for your scrambles. So if you’re vegan and have a friend who swears they need some “real protein,” they can get eggs with their scramble. And some of the smoothies have honey or bee pollen.

Harlow is dairy-free. The parfait offers coconut yogurt and gluten-free granola. The smoothies are made with either oat or almond milk. And their mac and cheese is a gluten-free penne pasta made with dairy-free cheese.

You order at the counter and then find a table. There is no tableside service. The portions are large and prices are reasonable.  For more information, visit their website:




There are two locations for Aviv as well. Both have outdoor seating and indoor seating as well as takeout and delivery.The location on NW 10th Avenue is right next door to Nola donuts (link to our donut article) which could be a great way to finish off your lunch.

Aviv is inspired by the amazing flavors of the Middle East. You can find falafel, cashew labneh and mushroom calamari. And they have their own vegan burger using an impossible patty and vegan feta. The fries are your standard size of french fry and are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

The portions here are also large. And make sure you check out the zaatar catsup. It’s a delicious twist and you may never go back to regular.  For more information, visit their website: (closed) 🙁


Ice Queen

Ice Queen - Vegan food PDXFirst off, did you know there was a vegan mini-mall on Stark Street? Next, did you know there’s a wonderful oat milk ice cream store there? And there are many flavors to tickle your fancy.

While you can buy Ice Queen popsicles at local retailers and other vegan restaurants, why not go to the source?

They are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To learn more about Ice Queen, visit

The mini mall in which it is located also has a vegan clothing company and bakery. Sadly, the grocery store moved from Stark to NE Halsey.



Mama Dut

Craving Vietnamese? How about a jackfruit bao bun?

Mama Dut is not only a tasty vegan restaurant, but it also has a market inside. You can take home her soy version of pork belly as well as other staples The restaurant is takeout only with tables outside that are shared with a bar.

You can get vegan versions of classic Vietnamese dishes like bao buns, bahn mi, and pho. And you can choose jackfruit or mushroom for your fillings.

Mama Dut has a seasonal menu as well as an extensive dessert menu. They are open Thursday through Sunday and are not open late. They close at 7pm on Friday and Saturday.  For more information, visit


Homegrown Smoker

Vegan Restaurants - Homegrown Smoker PortlandHomegrown Smoker had humble beginnings as a dream and a food cart. Thankfully, people loved their vegan creations, and they were able to open up a restaurant on N Lombard.

They created nori wrapped tofu “fish” and chips and tempeh ribs.. Add in some braised collards, sweet potato fries or vegan mac and cheese and you’re feeling down-home. The menu also offers smoked soy curls glazed in a smokey barbecue sauce. And they have smoked chikn and beif seitan options.

Homegrown Smoker even has soy wings that could fool anyone looking for buffalo wings. They are only open Thursday through Sunday 11am until 7pm. For more information, visit



Ichiza Kitchen & Tea House

Apparently, Ichiza has also closed. ***

We would never say to fool your friends intentionally, but if they didn’t realize that Ichiza Kitchen & Tea House was vegan, well, let’s not tell them. They offer ramen, sushi, dumplings and other classic Asian dishes. What we think is fun is that they created vegan “shrimp” that could fool even the best shrimp lover.

If you’re a fan of small plates Ichiza Kitchen & Tea House has a huge variety of classic dim sum remade as vegan and gluten-free. And you can also take home jars of their house-made xiang la jiao jiang and kimchi.
On the tea house side, they have seventeen types of teas ranging from tisanes to oolongs.

They recently moved from downtown to NE Killingsworth. It’s quiet and peaceful and definitely a place you should try. One quick tip is that they prefer you order all that you want upfront so they can manage the kitchen smoothly.


We hope we’ve inspired you to check out some new places. Restaurants appreciate your business. Please remember to call or check out their website and verify hours and any additional requirements. And save us some fries.



Question: What is another vegan restaurant that’s not mentioned that people should try?