Can you believe it, the carpet industry first began in the United States in 1791? It is amazing how far we have come since then with the manufacturing of carpets. With this, chances are, we have seen it all when it comes to both carpet styles as well as the dreaded carpet stain.

Raise your hand if you too, have experienced a carpet stain that refuses to go away.

Here is a list of some of the hardest carpet stains to remove. Which one’s have you experienced?

  1. Wine or Grape Juice
  2. Ink Stains
  3. Coffee Stains
  4. Pet Accident


What Happens When You Spill Something On A Carpet?

It’s easy to forget that there is floor under your carpet and that what happens on the surface of the carpet, depending on what was spilled, doesn’t always just stay there.

When a liquid is spilled on a carpet, it soaks through the carpet backing and therefore can spread, which in-turn, leaves stains and potential odors. Most often, with liquid spills and/or pet accidents, they go unnoticed, which then allows ample time to soak into the carpet backing, padding, and the subfloor.

Depending on what was spilled or the accident that had occurred, it could sure leave a distinct and strong odor behind, so prompt removal is always critical.

Is There A Carpet That Is Built To Resist?

Believe it or not, there is a carpet that is made with what is called LifeGuard that is 100% waterproof. LifeGuard is a waterproof backing that has been engineered to keep 100% of all spills, splatters, and accidents contained for complete clean-up protection.

The company is Shaw, who got their start in the carpet industry back in 1947 and has since been an industry leader.

Matter of fact, Shaw even has released a promotional video for LifeGuard where a partner of theirs put the carpet to the test as a pool. That’s right, you read that correctly. A pool made of carpet that withstands 25,000 pounds of water.

How Unique Is This Carpet Made With LifeGuard?

This patented backing system, LifeGuard, is the first in residential styles that offers a moisture-resistant barrier which helps keep liquids from soaking further into the backing. This in-turn makes for easier cleaning as well as offers an added protection against those odor-causing spills.

Carpets made with LifeGuard that are also treated with Shaw’s R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System will experience a much longer life than their competitors.

What Is The R2X Stain And Soil Resistance System?

R2X is an innovative carpet stain and soil repelling system. While other more conventional repellents only protect the surface of the carpet, the R2X system offers total fiber coverage, providing complete protection from the top to the bottom of the yarn.

What this means is that your everyday soiling and household spills have finally met their match.

Shaw spent many years developing this effective stain and soil resistance system. In this, the product demonstrated unmatched carpet stain resistance in a couple of critical areas:

  1. Provided better initial protection
  2. Allowed for more time to react to a problem

In summary, Shaw Carpets made with LifeGuard are much easier to clean and maintain. This is critical for anyone who ever wanted to install carpet, but had reservations.

What Are The Combined Benefits Of LifeGuard And R2X?

Shaw has created an effective 1-2 punch for fighting the common challenges carpet owners face with their LifeGuard and R2X treated carpets. To break these advantages down, here are the two major combined benefits of both LifeGuard and R2X:

  1. R2X protection will keep most liquid spills on the surface, which makes for easy removal
  2. LifeGuard backing will prevent excess moisture from reaching the padding and subfloor. This is huge for spills that were initially overlooked or not seen can now be later cleaned thanks to the total fiber and backing protection.

Is LifeGuard Carpet Easy To Install?

An advantage to Shaw’s LifeGuard is that it is a lightweight and flexible backing system. This is a benefit to installers as it is easier to bend and manipulate the carpet for installation as it slides easily over the pad. This LifeGuard backing is also easy to trim and even stretch.

But, like with any product, it is always advised to install in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and specifications.

Is Shaw LifeGuard Carpet Built To Last?

At Simple Floors Portland, we love what Shaw states on their website about their product warranties,

“Awesome happens on Shaw floors every day. But sometimes, things can get a little too awesome. Like the time the baby threw her hands in the air—while holding a cup of juice.  Or when the dog came running across the room to greet you—muddy paws and all. When oh-no moments catch you by surprise, we have you covered.”

With the Shaw LifeGuard carpet installed in your home, you’ll experience a carpet built to last with coverage to match. Here are just a few of the LifeGuard CrushResister Carpet Warranties that Shaw offers:

  1. Lifetime: Stain, Soil, Stains Including Urine, Feces and Vomit.
  2. 25-Year: Texture Retention, Abrasive Wear, Quality Assurance
  3. Limited Lifetime No-Wrinkle Guarantee
  4. Limited Lifetime Tuft Bind/Zippering Warranty, Edge Ravel, Delamination
  5. Limited Lifetime Waterproof Warranty

Shaw Floors Carpeting and Rugs In Portland

We added Shaw Floors carpet line to our Portland carpet product mix because they are the largest carpet manufacturer in the USA and have the best carpeting selection available. The various carpet colors, styles and applications that the Shaw Floors Carpet line provides our customers with unlimited options that will not limit their choices.

At Simple Floors Portland, we invite you to come visit our showroom and meet with our experienced team. Together, let’s find the best carpeting colors, styles and applications for your needs.