Just after Veterans Day here in Portland, we are still thinking about our local community of vets. A few weeks ago, we embarked on a mission to bless a local Portland military veteran and also bring awareness to the needs of many of our veterans right here in PDX. We knew that this mission was going to be an amazing journey, but we didn’t realize just how big of an impact it would make on us as individuals, and us as a company. We hope it impacts you in similar, deep and meaningful ways that cause you to become more aware and even take some action.

It all started when we announced that we were going to bless a Portland area veteran with new hardwood flooring. As you will discover in our previous post, our search for one local Portland vet led us to actually select two. One of them is Tiffany Plous, a Vancouver vet who is a single mom, an avid advocate for the local veteran community and someone with a heart bigger than her bodily frame. Here’s her story…


Local Portland Area Veteran Tiffany Plous

We attempted our very best to encapsulate Tiffany’s story in a short five-minute video. We wanted our friends, customers and the entire Portland community to meet a brave female soldier who deserves our thanks.

As you noticed in Tiffany’s story, she is one Portland area veteran that touched our hearts. Tiffany embodies the soldier spirit that says “I can do it”, all the while doing so much for others. She has and continues to volunteer with local Portland and Vancouver area veterans organizations that help other vets, so it was no surprise to us that several fellow soldiers nominated her to receive new wood floors this holiday season.

As we met Tiffany in person, we were struck by how passionate she was about veterans causes. Being a woman in a male dominated world, her concern for female vets was profound. To be clear, Tiffany hailed the sacrifice and concern for all veterans who have served, but she definitely has a close affinity with her female soldiers and their post service needs, concerns and recognition.

As our team met talked on the phone, then met with her in person to view her flooring project, take measurements for her new hardwood flooring and help her with some wood floor samples to choose from, we got a sense of who she really was. This was a person that was proud of her country. She was proud of her service and most importantly she was proud of her fellow veterans. In fact, at every point of her story Tiffany always seemed to downplay her role, experience and circumstances and magnify those same things in others.

Veteran Gets New Wood Floors

The work on Tiffany’s home has begun. Her friends and family have come together to aid in a little bit of remodel work that is being done in conjunction with our flooring work. They’ve removed some walls to open everything up and removed carpet and even some brick work. Our team has completed its measuring and she has selected the flooring that will be installed in her downstairs living room, dining room, kitchen and family room.

new flooring for Portland veteran

The wood floor installation has been scheduled and we hope to have her hardwood floors completed and ready in time for the holidays. We can’t wait to show you the complete transformation that was done for this wonderful deserving veteran in our Portland community.

If you would like to help a local Portland area veteran, please see the first post in our veteran campaign series with links and information to Portland area veteran organizations. At the very least, share a smile, a few dollars or a thank you to a veteran in our community whenever the opportunity arises!

UPDATE ** See the amazing story of the other Vet we are blessing with new floors this year. Click here