Kitchen remodels in the Portland area have continued to be a trend that has gone well beyond a fad. As we have discussed previously, home remodels and kitchen renovations in the Portland area have been ranked as high as eighth in the country, consisting of up to 7.4% of homes conducting a renovation. Furthermore, the numbers show that kitchen remodels in the Portland market can achieve over 83% return on investment, so it’s no wonder Portlanders are still remodeling at a record pace.

So with the numbers favoring kitchen renovations and a housing market that rewards great kitchens, how about some amazing kitchen remodel inspiration to help you design your perfect cooking and eating space?

Home design experts say that there are three main styles of kitchen design. They are Traditional, Contemporary and Transitional. Transitional kitchen design is by far the most popular nationwide right now because it draws on the best design elements of both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs that create something new. The transitional kitchen design removes a lot of the design rules and allows you to mix and match colors, styles and other elements to create the perfect kitchen for you.

Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Inspirations

There are several elements that make up an amazing kitchen renovation. The general design consists of your intended style, colors scheme, size, and layout. The general design is followed by the specific details of materials, such as flooring, countertops, tile, appliances, fixtures and all of the other fine details.

Here are several kitchen renovation designs that we hope will inspire you to find the key elements for your remodel design, so you can create your own amazing new kitchen.

clean lines - Portland kitchen remodel



Clean lines with some rustic wood accents and flooring make this kitchen design something of beauty. The white countertops and dark cabinets with brushed nickel hardware draw you into this incredibly clean, yet artful kitchen space that says “home”.


traditional kitchen remodel - Portland



At first glance this heavily wood inspired kitchen says traditional, but a closer look offers some additional insertion of more contemporary form and function that we found interesting.



Modern Portland kitchen remodel



Adding some trendy color to the cabinets, which are accented in the flooring makes a dramatic impact in this design. It still says clean but offers some country charm to bring it all together.



kitchen renovation ideas - Portland Oregon



Pairing clean white cabinets with some traditional elements make this one of our favorite amazing kitchen remodels. Notice how the wide plank flooring and the kitchen table brings everything together.



Space saving kitchen - Portland remodel

Just because you are limited on space doesn’t mean you have to limit your style. A big trend today is removing the upper cabinets and extending the backsplash higher. If you have high ceilings, but limited space this design might be a great option for you.




Traditional kitchen renovation Portland



Traditional, yes. Notice the attention to detail from the crown molding, the island legs and the variance in countertop colors. It is traditional, but wow!




Kitchen Renovation Tips

One thing that we have learned is that many homeowners often wish they had done something different with their kitchen design once they are actually using their new space. So we have come up with a few tips to make your amazing Portland kitchen functional beyond what you design on paper or on the computer screen.

Reconsider Space – When designing a kitchen remodel, space is often limited, so the use of that space is extremely important for the overall functionality of the completed kitchen. More space is always better and more useful in a kitchen and taking that into account during design will make all the difference.

The Right Materials – There are two sides to the materials that you select for your kitchen remodel, appearance and function. For example, hardwood floors are beautiful and the trend of using the same flooring throughout a home, even in the kitchen can be very visually appealing. However, you need to understand the impact that spills and moisture can have on the materials you select for your kitchen beyond their beauty.

Remember The Future Buyer – We are sure that you have amazing taste, but it is something that you AND your future buyer will both find appealing? Consider your color and design choices as not just impacting you and what you prefer, but also for your future buyer. You want the changes that you make for your new kitchen to be something that adds value when you decide to sell, not something that detracts from the price you hope to get.