When a large part of your business is made up of wood flooring products, you can’t help but be attracted to things that are beautifully crafted from wood. There is definitely an art to creating, selecting and installing custom hardwood floors and it is something we do on a daily basis, however, when you come across custom woodworking that takes skill, beauty, and awe to an entirely higher level, it is easy to appreciate.

We came across some amazing custom woodworking recently on Facebook and other social networks and decided that some of the skill and craftsmanship of these artisans was just too incredible to leave unrecognized. Therefore we are going to share some of the most amazing woodworking and wood carving pieces and the craftsman that create them. You will quickly see that these artists are taking detail and beauty to the extreme with their amazing woodworking talents. Trust us, some of these will just blow your mind!


Amazing Custom Woodworking

Custom carved walking sticks and canesHand Carved Sticks? – Calling the woodworking artistry of Rob Smith “sticks” just doesn’t do justice for the work that this man is doing with handcrafted wood. Creating custom carved walking sticks and canes, Rob does not miss any detail or the time required to produce these one of a kind masterpieces.

Without using any power tools whatsoever, he hand carves, sands and stains each piece he creates. Rob says it takes him on average about 50-70 hours to complete each piece for customers and that they range in price between $400 and $2,000 depending on the complexity and time required. Working with various types of wood, each walking stick or cane he designs is an original piece of art that requires hand-carved detail that is truly amazing!

Wood BathtubsWood Bathtub – These have to be seen to be believed. Let’s say you are building the custom home of your dreams and sparing no expense in the process. Installing just any woodwork might just not cut for you, so you decide to take it to another level in your master bathroom and find something truly unique. A custom-built wood bathtub

NK Woodworking, based in Seattle Washington does custom woodworking that will make your head spin. Each of their wood bathtubs are custom creations that are built using sustainable domestic and exotic hardwoods and finished with a specialized clear composite barrier. Nothing says luxury and beauty like fine art becoming the centerpiece of your bathroom.

The cost of these custom wood bathtubs are likely well out of range for the average homeowner, but anyone can appreciate the amazing craftsmanship and skill required to create such functional works of wood art!

Amazing solid wood scooterWood Motorcycle – We’re not sure you can really call a Vespa scooter a motorcycle, but you can call this work of art something truly incredible. Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto created something special when he handcrafted an entire Vespa out of wood for his daughter Daniela. Handcrafted almost entirely from various types of wood, this amazing work of wood art was not only painstakingly designed using laminated hardwoods and formed plywood, but would you believe it actually has a 50cc engine that works as well? Sometimes the talent of some humans just amazes us beyond words!

handcrafted musical note shelfMusical Bookshelf – Back in 2007 Mark Meyer created a musical masterpiece that embodies function and artistry. This incredibly elegant piece of custom woodworking art was constructed using walnut, cherry, curly maple to create a one of a kind piece that any musician would love to have. Located in Corvallis, Oregon Mark works with clients to bring their handcrafted wood ideas to life. This example of his woodworking skill and craftsmanship is something to be admired.

Livio De Marchi world famous custom woodworkingLivio De Marchi – Though this one is not a specific piece of custom woodworking, famous Italian wood carving magician Livio De Marchi has just too many amazing wood pieces to focus on just one. If you combined incredible talent and artistry with a sense of humor you would have a picture of Livio and his work.

Known worldwide, De Marchi’s mind-blowing woodwork portrays whimsical contrasts. Whether it be the soft folds of a hand-carved jacket on a hanger, the detail of a full-sized floating Ferrari F50 or something as crazy as a room of crafted furniture, his art is not the typical subjects of a master woodcarver. However, his skill and exuberance make him one of a kind among some of the most talented custom woodworkers around the world.

If you want to learn more about Livio and see more of his mind-blowing crazy woodworking, check his profile out on Craftsmanship Museum.

We have linked all of these incredible wood creations to their websites and/or Facebook pages, allowing you to be amazed further by the woodworking talent of these incredible artists. When it comes to custom woodworking that will take you beyond appreciation, we think these are some of the best examples out there.

What did you think of these? Which one is your favorite?