Having your own oasis inside your home is one of the most rewarding places that many cherish. When considering tiling or re-tiling your bathroom there should be an element that involves an evaluation of your budget and some sense of the inclusion of your personal style. Today’s bathroom tile is nothing like it used to be in regards to the numerous bathroom tile selections and designs there are. Add the latest styles, colors and bathroom tile trends and you have many decisions to make about how you are going to utilize tiling within your new bathroom sanctuary.

In the Portland area, the statistics on remodeling show that 4 out of 5 people report feeling more relaxed in their home after completing their renovation project. Of course, that relaxed feeling is aside from the various costs that fluctuate depending on the amount, types and tile installation choices you make, which lets face is not as much fun as enjoying the end result. But understanding the latest bathroom tile trends will help you know what’s available, which tile trends appeal to your tastes and help you to enjoy your new bathroom oasis sooner, with less concern.


For example, you can just cover the wet areas of your bathroom tile space, which may mean a smaller percentage of coverage in your floor plan. Though that offers a lower-cost solution, you may prefer to cover a vast area that includes floor to ceiling tile, but that can potentially skyrocket your bathroom budget. So understanding the balance between your tile tastes and what bathroom trends are hot, right along with your bottom line costs, needs to be considered foremost before you launch into your project.

Overall average, Portland bathroom tile and remodel (or construction) can range from $15,000 – $17,000 and bathroom tile can be the most important piece of that cost. As always, resale considerations should also be factored into your new bathroom tiling choices, realizing that most homeowners are looking for specific ‘wants’ on their must-have list. So having a certain number of stylish, updated, and trendy bathrooms per square foot is a must when making your bathroom tile decisions.

Once you have established your bathroom tile budget and a direction in your design style has been narrowed, you can focus on defining that perfect bathroom tile trend that nails the look you want. Here are some interesting and new bathroom tile trends that are the hot and some unique ideas that should help you create your tranquil bathroom oasis.

Try Some Bathroom Tile Patterns

Bathroom Focal Wall tile trendEye-catching Focal Tile Wall – By choosing some type of ornate or decorative tiles (Moroccan, mosaic, or other) to be placed on one spectacular tile focal wall in the bathroom, can create an impact to the overall design. This trend in bathroom tile design offers an elaborate graphic image or simplistic pattern on your designated tile focal wall that will complement the rest of the tasteful walls in that bathroom.


Border Tile bathroom tile trendTile Trim, Borders, and Motif Trends – Want to add some interest to a very simple bathroom tile style? Adding a color or graphic border on the floor or walls of your tiled area is a hot bathroom tile trend. There are borders that have an embossed design as well as other tiles with painted details. You can even select from a myriad of shaped bathroom tiles for an added architectural detail trend that catches the eye.


Herringbone Tile Pattern - Bathroom trendHerringbone Tile Pattern Trend – This bathroom tile trend creates a visual tile focal point on the floor or wall of your bathroom, moving your eye toward a certain feature, such as a retro clawfoot tub or jet spa. You may also select different types of bathroom tiles for this herringbone tile pattern. For example; The wood-look bathroom tile trend gives you the appearance of real hardwood floor, yet the function required for tile in a bathroom. -or- the faux marble tile trend can be used to bring in a luxurious style without the added expense of real marble. Used in a herringbone tile pattern lends itself nicely to creating some texture in the bathroom without a lot of expense.

Mix & Match Bathroom Tile

Glass Tiles - bathroom trendsGlass Tile Trend – Transparent and aqueous glimmer is a bathroom tile trend that uses glass tile to deliver a great effect. The glass tile color choices are endless and can be combined with a complementary color palette that will surely set-off your new bathroom. But keep in mind you can keep within a smaller budget by just adding a few small glass tile trim or accent sections in and around standout features in your bathroom tile design.


Glazed Tile Finishes - trendGlazed or Unglazed Tiles – Tiles come in three main standard finishes; matte, a high-polished or an unglazed finish. Depending on the look you want or the traffic pattern you anticipate, you can choose your bathroom tile finish based on the location being in a wet or dry area of the room to determine the best bathroom tile finish that is best. The matte glaze tile can offer you a less glossy look if you prefer a more subdued design in your bathroom.


Tile color shading - bathroom tileShades of Tile Color Trend – Shading with tile in your bathroom is a trend that can be an interesting way to bring vibrant or subtle color into your bathroom without an elaborate array of components. To pull off this bathroom tile trend, select the same type of tile for the wall or floor, but choose a few shades of a similar color. Then during installation, the tile placement should be varied between the different color shades throughout the area. This can take a bit of time in planning and dry layout prior to installing but the look is stunning and can give you a very personalized trendy tile look in the end.

Tile It From Floor To Ceiling

Faux Marble Tile Trend - Bathroom tileMarble Tile, Real vs. Faux – The luxuriant spa feel is definitely a big trend in bathroom tile right now and it is no wonder why. After a long day, it makes sense to have a refuge to escape to and just unwind. The marble tile look is on the rise and selecting the right colors and size of bathroom tile has a few choices. If you want that spa retreat look, you may want to keep the tile sizes large and have a continuous placement from floor to ceiling with a few architectural tiles to break up one or two sections.

But not everyone has the pocketbook for real marble, yet they desire that marble tile trend in their bathroom. In that case, then faux marble tiles may be the choice for your new bathroom! Faux marble tiles are durable, have fewer maintenance requirements and are more reasonable for an overall tile cost. Definitely an option that will let you design with the hot bathroom tile trend, yet keep your bank account intact.

Wainscoting tile trend Wainscoting with Tile – If you like the design of more tile throughout your bathroom space but either the idea of DIY installation or the total tile cost is a deterrent, you may want to just create wainscoting in tile. This bathroom tile trend allows you to bring tile up from the floor, but stop mid-way up the wall, and reducing the amount of bathroom tile you need. Typically wainscoting resides only about 1/3 up the wall and is capped off with some trim tile. If you have a smaller bathroom, you may want to consider a consistent tile style in your wainscoting which can give the impression of a larger space.

Infinity tile bathroom trendInfinity Tile Trend – The infinity bathroom tile trend is winning people over everywhere. The trend is to use the same tile running throughout the bathroom to make the tile look seamless as it connects from drywall through to the shower with glass shower doors being the only separation. If you are a minimalist this is the bathroom tile trend for you. Depending on the type of bathroom tile you select for this trendy style, it can also become a good bet for the most budget-friendly floor to ceiling install.

These are just a couple of the latest bathroom tile trend highlights that should help to get you thinking and planning on the best bathroom tile trend for you. To get a closer look at the best bathroom tile trends, visit our designer showroom in the Portland Metro area. Our design team can answer all of your questions and provide you the best options for your unique needs.