If you’re going to reach for the stars, you better have good flooring. At least, that’s what we like to say. And, for families with young children, what other room in the home gets to play host to imaginations run wild and the activities that would support such, than your child’s very own bedroom?

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen the numerous photos that get shared on social media over the years of some pretty epic “artwork” that children have displayed within the confines of their bedroom. And who could blame these young Picasso’s? In their mind, their room is their canvas. From deep scratches on the floor to stains on the carpet, one can only imagine what they were thinking.


My Picasso Story

I remember myself one time when my own daughter decided that our hallway was boring. She felt it needed a little color. So, off with the white and in with pink. I remember the horror I felt as I laid my eyes upon the masterwork of my own young Picasso and her Crayola color marker.

And then, as a father, I was like, “My wife is going to kill me!”

Thankfully, I was able to concoct some type of chemical formula that consisted of Arm & Hammer, window cleaner, and rubbing alcohol that was able to remove the pink. For certain, I was desperate and afraid. I feared the wrath of mom. So, I tried everything.

As a sidebar, it is important to note, please do not try this at home. I was not a professional, I was just in panic mode. Don’t laugh, you know what I speak of. But, I digress.

Although this was not done in my daughter’s bedroom or on her floor, I think it makes the point. No matter how hard we try, give the child a blank canvas, and Picasso arrives on the scene.

Hope Has Come To Children’s Bedrooms

Fortunately for families, in this day and age, and with new advancements in flooring technology, what happens in the children’s bedroom doesn’t have to stay in the children’s bedroom.

Along with these new advancements in flooring technology, begs the question – what are the best types of floor for your child’s bedroom?

What Are The Best Flooring Options For Your Child’s Bedroom?

Here are 4 different flooring types that are good choices for a kids bedroom.


Carpeting for your child’s bedroom floor is always an initial thought and choice. For safety reasons and wanting to keep our kid’s safe, having flooring that can soften the blow in the case of a fall or accident is a major consideration. Another benefit of carpeting though is also its ability to better insulate the room, too. Nobody likes to see their kiddo’s with the sniffles.

Carpets are also great choices due to their compatibility coming in different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Plus, check out some of the new technology in carpet flooring here.

That said, another consideration for installing carpet in your children’s rooms could be that they tend to harbor dust and allergens, which are much easier to sweep up on hard flooring. This means maintenance is critical and vacuuming consistently.

Hardwood Flooring

The one consideration that rises to the top for many parents when deciding on flooring for a child’s bedroom is how easy it will be to keep clean. This is no doubt a top advantage of having hardwood floors in a kids bedroom in that they are much easier to clean and don’t collect the allergens or pet dander that carpets can.

There are many choices to consider when deciding on hardwood floor for a kids room. Of these choices, oak is the most popular, especially red oak. Red oak has a stronger grain which means it can hold up well when hiding scratches and dents.

Consider floor aesthetics and anticipated wear and tear when making this decision. Some tones are much better than others at camouflaging the work of our young Picasso’s.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is becoming increasingly popular not only for kid’s bedrooms, but for many other rooms in the home as well. Benefits to having bamboo flooring is that this type of flooring is one of the hardest floors available as well as most durable. What makes it especially a great choice for your child’s bedroom is that bamboo flooring is stain-resistant. You read my mind with that benefit, didn’t you?

As a flooring type in general, bamboo flooring is extremely environmentally friendly due to how quickly it grows.

Vinyl Laminate Flooring

When deciding on the right flooring for your children’s bedroom, it’s always a good idea to put together a list of key items that you are looking for in flooring as well as the canvas you are creating within your child’s bedroom. For vinyl laminate flooring, it is a good bed that many items on your list just happen to also be benefits to having this type of flooring.

Let’s look at what these benefits are:

  • Unaffected by water
  • Easy to maintain
  • Stain resistant
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable

Do You Have A Little Picasso In Your Home?

Many families are moving into their very first home and in this housing market, it means home restoration projects are high on the list. And with this list, the comfort and safety of the family is of the utmost of importance.

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