Over the years, it seems that the city of Portland has been racking up quite a few various “Best of” awards. With everything from our award-winning transit system to being named a top travel destination, the City of Roses, has seemingly something to offer for people from virtually all walks of life.

And to add to the list, Portland was recently named by Thrillist as to having America’s Best Burger. Of course, this makes sense, because Portland has long had a reputation for being a hotspot for foodies and food carts. But, before we get to America’s Best Burger, let’s look at some other local favorite places to grab a burger. And trust us when we say this, Portland has some dang fine places to enjoy a burger. For that reason, we’ll mention just a few of the places that Portlanders themselves like to go when they have a craving for a good old-fashioned burger.


7 Places (Of Many) To Grab A Great Burger In Portland

Little Bird Bistro

The only other Portland restaurant to make the list of America’s Best burgers was Little Bird Bistro and their double cheeseburger, which came in a number 43 out of the list of 100 burgers. Little Bird Bistro is also a sister restaurant to Le Pigeon and is in Southwest Portland.

Backyard Social

Backyard Social is unique in that they cook their burgers on a backyard grill. And, if you are going to be cooking burgers on a backyard grill, you’ve got to have an awesome patio, right? And that they have, too! Located on North Killingsworth in Portland, Backyard Social has a saying, “Business in the front, party in the back(yard). Eat. Drink. Howl at the moon.” Backyard Social is employee owned and a self-proclaimed labor of love.

Slow Bar

Slow Bar opened in 2004 and features one tall of an order in their Slowburger. Seriously, it’s one tall burger. What makes the Slowburger a tall order? The Slowburger consists of a 1/2lb. Allen Brothers Angus beef, Gruyere, onion rings, butter lettuce, pickle relish and aioli. Slow Bar is located just across the Willamette River on Southeast Grand Avenue.

Tabor Tavern

Tabor Tavern is a true neighborhood restaurant that features elevated pub fare located on East Burnside. If you’re looking for a late-night burger, Tabor Tavern is your place. With its ½ pound Tabor Burger that features the local favorite and taste bud pleasing Tabor Tavern’s Bacon Jam, satisfied will be what describes how you feel after finishing your meal. Just reading the words Tabor Tavern’s Bacon Jam is enough to make you feel satisfied, right?

BYH Burgers

Located in Pine Street Market on Southwest 2nd, BYH Burgers (Bless Your Heart Burgers) offers locally sourced beef that keeps it simple, classic, and Americana. BYH Burgers is the latest concept from Toro Bravo, another favorite Portland eatery.

Killer Burger

Most recently, Killer Burger was named by Portland’s Willamette Week as having the Best Burger in town. Describing Killer Burger, their Facebook page says it best, “We believe all food has heart & soul which we bring to life through a truly unique committed burger experience.” Killer Burger is also both locally operated and owned.

Now that we have featured several, of many, amazing places in PDX that offers a great burger, let’s find out who Thrillist announced has having America’s Best Burger.

Portland Stanich’s Named As America’s Best Burger

To find America’s Best Burger, Thrillist sent their National Burger Critic, Kevin Alexander, to 30 cities where he ate an alarming 330 burgers before narrowing it down to 100 Best Burgers in America.

At the top of the list was Nick’s Cheeseburger with grilled onions from Portland’s own Stanich’s which is located at 4915 NE Fremont Street.

Stanich’s Is A Proud Part Of Portland’s History

Stanich’s is a proud part of Portland’s history having been family owned and operated since 1949 when George and Gladys first opened the doors. To get a taste of this history, one only needs to first walk through the doors of Stanich’s where customers will experience a wall of sports team pendants, a mix of newspaper articles and awards.

But make no mistake, that burger though. OMG!

As a matter of fact, when Roadfood.com also gave Stanich’s a number one ranking, they were quoted as describing them like this, “Stanich’s is an old-time tavern known for its burger, a well-balanced tower of meat along with a full panoply of toppings. On the side, get fresh-cut french fries, salty and pecan-hued. A pitcher of beer will go along nicely.”

If you have a Bucket List for Burgers, make your way to Stanich’s, and order yourself America’s Best Burger, Nick’s cheeseburger. Or, maybe order The Special instead. But wait, what about the George burger, that sounds incredible too!

Choices, choices, choices.

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of Portland’s best places to enjoy burgers. In actuality, we could have seriously written an article that featured dozens upon dozens of different places around the Rose City to enjoy a good burger.

What is your favorite or best hamburger in Portland? What would you add to this list?