Oregon camping is a tradition for many in Portland. The camping season begins once the sun starts to emit its more consistent rays across Oregon hillsides and at the coast. It’s time to start packing vehicles from top to bottom with camping gear as you head into the wilderness for some family fun and adventure.

Oregonians are no stranger to taking the unbeaten path to experience nature as it was intended; undisturbed and naturally peaceful. But just because we are hardcore explorers at heart doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a few conveniences along the way. As you know, the right camping gear makes all the difference when spending a few nights in the Oregon wilderness. But cool camping gear takes everything to an entirely different level.


Top 12 Cool Camping Gear and Gadgets

So, we canvassed the internet for the coolest camping gear in an effort to discover some of the most ingenious camping stuff we could find to make your Oregon camping experience extraordinary! Here are some extremely cool camping gear and gadgets that will not only make your trip a bit more comfortable but a bit more fun in the process!

1- Fishing Pole Fire Roaster Marshmallow and Hot Dog Roasting Fishing Rod - Cool Camping Gear– If  you enjoy roasting hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire this little gadget will not only make it easier to tackle your roasting feats but give everyone around the campfire a few chuckles. It’s a whole new way of thinking regarding how to roast over the fire. Perfect for fishing enthusiasts and with just a quick flick of the wrist, it will flip your food to roast both sides evenly.

2- EcoZoom Stoves – EcoZoom StoveCooking on the go can become a cumbersome activity when camping but with this efficient stove it uniquely burns clean while still being portable. You can burn any bio mass material, like wood (sticks and branches) and charcoal giving you the freedom to explore and relax. This cookstove is built for maximum heat transfer, efficiency and strong durability. It has a rocket stove technology that allows flames and gases to mix in a fully insulated internal combustion chamber. This innovative design creates an eco-friendly burn that minimizes fuel consumption and emissions while maximizing heat output. Fire it up anywhere and you’ll be ready to eat in no time.

3- SandStandSandStandTraveling to the Oregon Coast or lakeside shore this summer? This compact movable table is a great accompaniment to your standard gear. You can select between different varieties of wood to hold your wine glass, beer or drink of choice while enjoying the sand between your toes. Plus a neat sunglasses holder is cleverly added and a stable table surface to hold one or two delicious snacks. The whole thing simply stakes into the sand or soil. If spending a few hours watching the waves roll in and recharging is your speed this item should be at the top of your packing list.

4- Hammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Cradle ChairsHammaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Cradle ChairsHave you arrived at your camping destination to find no upright supports around? Whether a tree or pole there is nothing handy or available to attach your cradle chairs to. This Hammaka Trailer Hitch solves the problem easily.  

5- Hydro HammockHydro HammockIf you’re camping with children or are planning on a lengthy wilderness stay this special hammock will come in handy in providing a nifty warm bath to get cleaned up in or a relaxing heated hot tub after a long days hike. It contains its own heating system to heat the water to your desired temperature and can be filled by drawing water from a nearby stream or lake. This item won us over by combining luxury and function all rolled into one while still appreciating the stillness of nature all around you. Enjoy swinging in your own soaking tub among the trees.

6- Cocoon Tree Bed Cocoon Tree BedThis novelty item might be priced to the moon but we included it for the sheer whimsy of the creative idea. High above the ground you will sleep in a spherical tent protected from the elements and yet rocked to sleep by the breeze. It is more than a tent and resembles more of cozy treehouse or suspended orb-shaped yurt. This fantasy inspired structure will hold two adults and is build for durability by using a waterproof canvas tarpaulin material. If you fell in love with the story of Swiss Family Robinson as a kid and have the resources to purchase such an item then this modern dream could be yours.

7- Kamp-Rite Tent Cot – Kamp-Rite Tent CotIf you take an annual outdoor trip to the coast you know the perils of arriving during mosquito and sand fly season. Getting off the ground is the first helpful step in keeping you from itching later. This sleeps-two tent mesh on all windows and doors and is built to stand 11” above the ground. This comfortable option keeps those jabbing rocks out of the picture and no more damp ground to contend with. The durable material of heavy duty nylon and aluminium framing keeps you protected from the weather and adds some privacy once safely zipped inside but it can be easily be converted into a lounge chair or a standard style cot for use in larger, family-style tents. Your tent can be your castle above it all!

8- Outdoor Insulated Floating CoolerOutdoor Insulated Floating Cooler Cruising down the river can be a thirsty activity that might require some refreshment along the way. This thirst quenching gear will do the trick as a floating cooler that tows behind your boat, kayak or raft. Built to hold thirty 12-oz cans and 20 lbs of ice, it has a fantastic watertight seal so anything you place inside will stay nice and dry. You can select this sleek cooler in a few different colors, so if you happen to pick up more than one they can be easy to tell apart.

9- Sealander Amphibious Camping TrailerSealander Amphibious Camping TrailerThis one comes right out of the Jetson’s! Camping on the water might seem challenging unless you have a boat but this swift trailer has a unique ability to navigate shallow beds without running aground. The Sealander is the ultimate for the leisurely adventurer that has the finances to make this investment. Super stable in water and yet completely useful on land as well for cooking and sleeping. If sea and river tours are your passion this amphibious camping trailer is the best mode of transportation for you.

10- Portable Hand Operated Espresso MakerPortable Hand Operated Espresso MakerCoffee to go! A great portable espresso maker that promises to make delicious espresso without the need for electricity or cartridges. It’s compact and featherweight allowing for ease in hiking up steep terrain while not weighing you down. Handheld and innovative, this espresso machine has a powerful extraction pressure for a rich and bold espresso anyplace, anytime. Your morning java will be ready for you at the summit.

11- Tentsile Tree TentTentsile Tree TentSleeping under the star takes on a whole new meaning with this two-person tree tent. Are you wanting the freedom to be one with your surroundings, yet still have a comfortable nights rest? Then this is your tent! You can secure it high above the trees or lower down towards the ground whichever you prefer but either way the view will be most likely breathtaking and the durable material will act as a windbreaker and a thermal buffer. Let the adventure guide you to your dream campsite and then sleep in the middle of it all.

12- Fryin’ Saucer Portable Deep FryerFryin Saucer Portable Deep FryerJust because you are seeking the outdoors and camping doesn’t mean you loose your craving for fried foods. If you love the idea of both, then this lightweight fryer is on your list for sure. You can also use the center console to boil water for pasta, hot dogs, or eggs. We think this is the best solution for the most tastiest fish fry, straight from the lake to the fryer. Are you drooling already?



Now that you have seen our top 12 cool camping gear and gadgets, you are probably ready to order a few of these amazing camping additions before you pack up and hit the trail. Go where adventure and Oregon’s natural beauty calls you, knowing that after the trek you always have your home sweet home waiting for you.

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