With the introduction of a global pandemic in the spring of 2020, the initial two-week quarantine was a difficult adjustment for many. For parents who worked and had school-aged children, those two weeks felt more like an extended spring break. But, as quarantine orders continued, it quickly became apparent to many that not only were people going to need to hunker down for a while, they would also need to get used to a new normal. Suddenly, the home became not just a place to eat and sleep but also needed to become an office, school, playground, gym, and so much more.

With this shift in how we live our lives, people the world over received an immediate lesson in the art of improvisation. But, one can’t improvise their way to a sustainable way of living. Well, that is unless you’re maybe a really good stand-up comic. 

How COVID-19 Has Affected Home Design

How we live life as a result of the pandemic, may just change how we do life forever after COVID-19. With this, how has this new way of living affected home design? 

With working from home the new normal for many, creating an environment in the home that is clean, enables productivity, and provides a sense of tranquility is going to require a fresh set of eyes. Before, homeowners would utilize rooms, not in use for storage space for extra stuff. Now, every bit of space available is being used for zoom calls, online school, and a place to retreat from life long enough to catch one’s breath. 

How are homeowners adjusting and what are home buyers looking for in how we now do life within the home?

New Colors

There’s no doubt that being cooped up in your home, and in many cases with working parents and school-aged children using every square inch of space in the house, that creating an environment that promotes a feeling of tranquility or calmness might just be what the doctor ordered. In looking at top colors for 2021 from some of the top paint companies, it appears homeowners and buyers have picked up their prescription.

Coincidentally, in our last article on Less Expensive Home Renovations That Increase Value And Livability, we spoke with Darcey Edwards of Edwards Realty Trust and she had this to about the power of a fresh coat of paint, “Though it might sound too simple or not all that important, a fresh coat of paint can freshen up a room or your entire house at a fairly minimal cost. Be sure to select appropriate colors for resale or if you intend on staying in your home, something that you like and that will go with your intended decor.” 

With that in mind, here are some of 2021’s top colors for homes:

Urbane Bronze –

This unique color, which is 2021’s top color from Sherwin Williams, was described by their Director of Color Marketing, Sue Wadden, as “encourages you to create a sanctuary space for mindful reflection and renewal.”

A Trio Of Colors –

This theme continues to reflect society’s shifting mood in another top painting company’s color of the year, PPG. For them, this leader in the paint industry actually named a trio of colors as palette of the year stating on the company’s website, “Transcend, Big Cypress and Misty Aqua. Paint colors intended for the person who wants to fully embrace mindfulness and intention, our first-ever Paint Color Palette of the Year showcases natural hues that are comforting, compassionate, and optimistic. The color trio celebrates beauty of all kinds and relates to those who prioritize wellness in mind, body, and spirit.”

With a shift in colors to embrace a more calming influence on the home, another area homeowners are investing in and homebuyers are interested in is maintaining a “cleaner” environment.

Hand’s Free

in-home touchless devices are becoming popular due to the pandemicTo prevent the spread of germs, many homeowners have invested in a more hands-free home experience. With the advancement of technology and smart homes, one could essentially outfit the entire home with hands-free sinks, thermostats, lights, smart devices, and more. These technologies have been around for a while now, but post-pandemic, they just might become a necessity rather than a mere luxury.

Multi-Use Spaces

For families with school-age children, the reality of online school is not much of a long-term concern versus a work from home scenario where having the ideal “zoom room” and a place to productively work from home is.

Having floor plans that can be configured in various ways has become critical. Ask the average “work from home” employee how many different rooms in the house they have done a zoom call and you are likely to get a myriad of answers. But why they tried different rooms is the key, Open plan space homes have trended for nearly 50 years, yet during that time frame, average home sizes have gotten smaller. Have you been on a zoom call in your home’s open space? It’s tough.

Programming each room with multi-use possibilities is something the pandemic has forced many to rethink. But, one can’t improvise their way to sustainable living before it all just feels so overwhelming.

Case in point: We have seen a more creative rethink of a home’s closet spaces on Instagram during COVID-19 than ever before. No longer are they just being used for hanging clothes, but now everything from office space, gaming room, music, library, and even in a larger walk-in closet, a place to sleep.

Simple Floors Wants To Shift With You

How have you adapted to home life? What’s been your biggest shift in how you utilize your living space? At Simple Floors, we have experienced professionals ready to shift with you and to help you create the space that will improve the livability of your space during these unprecedented times, but also increase the value of your home, should you be ready to place on the market.