We are “All-In” when it comes to a healthier lifestyle and non-toxic products to use in our homes. We know that many of our Portland friends and loyal customers feel the same way. We often hear of various products out there that are chemical-free, safe for the environment, and not harmful for our pets. Those types of products are our favorites and many are often shared between friends. We consider you as part of our Simple Floors family, as well as our friend, and wanted to share a really simple and healthy cleaning solution with you. This easily accessible mixture will not only cut your cleaning time in half but also give you the kind of shine you have spent hours to achieve with more expensive products.

Homemade Cleaning Solution With Vinegar

If you take a moment and peruse through your pantry, you will most likely lay eyes on a clear liquidy substance called white vinegar. It is solvent in water and categorized as acetic acid. Typically this acid is one of the most easily manufactured and is usually made from apples and corn. It has a wide range of versatility in use. It is an edible item making it an even safer cleaning product for both your family and pets.

The Best Solution For Cleaning Your Shower And Other Hard Surfaces –

Healthy Cleaning SolutionsWe have found a white vinegar-based cleaning solution that will have your bathroom shining from top to bottom in no time. The mixture is super simple to make, and the results will have you cleaning as many hard surfaces as you can find around the house. Say goodbye to those hard to clean soap scum rings and buildup. This solution will have them quickly lifted and rinsing down the drain.

First get your supplies together – here is what you will need:

  • Microfiber cloth or clean sponge
  • 1 cup of white distilled vinegar
  • 1 cup of dish soap (Dawn or other dish soap brand)
  • Small pail or bucket
  • Rubber gloves

Start by adding 1 cup of the white distilled vinegar to your pail or bucket and then pour in 1 cup of dish soap. Mix well until thoroughly combined. This amount should take care of a good-sized shower area and surrounding surfaces. But if you have a larger area that needs to be tackled, just increase those proportions as needed.

We recommend wearing rubber gloves while working with this solution because of the acetic nature of the vinegar. Most people won’t have an issue with just using their bare hands to lather the product onto their shower doors, walls, and fixtures. But some might be a bit more sensitive to the acidic qualities. Acetic acid can act as an exfoliant, so if you have less sensitive skin, you may want to skip the gloves and get a skin treatment in the process.

Now let’s get to work!

Cleaning Your Home With A Natural Solution

Apply the vinegar and soap solution over every surface you want to be cleaned. It does not take a great amount of elbow grease, which is one of the reasons this cleaning solution is like magic. After you have applied a good amount of the solution over the surface, let it sit for a bit depending on the degree of buildup on the surface. The more buildup the longer the time you should let it sit and do its work. In most cases, leaving it on for 10 minutes should do the trick! Then just rinse it clean for a bright, shiny, and smooth result.

Before Applying The Cleaning SolutionAfter Applying Cleaning Solution

One other wonderful attribute to white vinegar is that it has a disinfectant benefit. Vinegar destroys some bacteria and viruses as well. The longer you let it sit on a surface the better this activation can ensue. So, while you are achieving a beautiful shine, you will also be getting a good healthy clean at the same time. PERFECT!

It is important to note that NOT all surfaces are best for use with white vinegar. The best hard surfaces to apply it to are glass, tile, walls, shelves, floors, sinks, stovetops, and coffee makers. We would not advise you to use it on natural stone, waxed or finished wood surfaces, cast iron, or aluminum.

Customers have asked us if using vinegar on their wood floors was safe? You must be aware that it can strip away various finishes, since it is an acid. So, we recommend that you use this natural cleaning solution ONLY on non-wood flooring surfaces.

Helpful At Home

We hope you found this post valuable in helping you keep your home healthy and clean NATURALLY. We enjoy sharing helpful hints with our Simple Floors Portland family, whether it be through our commitment to keeping you safe during your flooring, tile, and countertop purchases or just while you are gathered with your family at home. We are here for you – stay safe and keep healthy!