When you make the decision to put in new hardwood flooring, you have many things to consider. At the heart of the decision is looking at the hardwood floor options you have to choose from, which is often done by using hardwood flooring sample boards. Sample boards are a common way to get a glimpse of what each hardwood floor looks like. Things like style, color, texture, and finish are easily evaluated using these floor sample boards. But not all hardwood floor samples are created equal!

Hardwood Floor Sample Boards

Hardwood floor sample boards are an important part of selecting the perfect wood flooring for your home or project. There are several important factors to consider when reviewing hardwood floor samples that will make your selection easier.


Construction – One excellent benefit of hardwood flooring samples is that you are able to see the exact construction for each wood floor you evaluate. Wood floor samples allow you to see not only the decorative part of the flooring which largely drives your selection, but you are also able to see a cross-section view of how the wood flooring is constructed. If you are considering floor options that are other than solid hardwood flooring, such as engineered hardwood flooring or laminate wood floors, being able to see and understand the construction of the wood floor you pick using a large flooring sample is important!

Look – Probably one of the most important benefits of hardwood flooring samples is the ability to actually see what the flooring looks like. Wood floor sample boards give you the unmatched ability to contrast colors and styles while comparing them to other decor colors and textures you are using in your home design. Additionally, hardwood flooring samples are easily transported with you when you are shopping for new furniture, paint and other decorating elements, making the right floor sample board important for selecting the right color and look you are shooting for.

Feel – When starting your hardwood flooring search online or in magazines, it lacks the element of touch and feel. Wood floor samples allow you to get a real-world feeling of the flooring you are looking at. Whether you are considering laminate wood floors, engineered hardwood flooring, solid hardwood or exotic Bamboo flooring, there is nothing that compares to actually feeling the texture and workmanship using wood floor samples. Touching the various hardwood floors you are selecting from provides you with the additional feedback for making the right wood floor decision.

Size – When it comes to selecting your new hardwood flooring, size does matter. Something that is often overlooked when selecting new hardwood flooring is the size of the samples you are looking at and using to match with decor. The smaller the wood flooring sample you are using to make your decision, the less realistic the flooring will appear.

Here at SimpleFloors PDX, we carry some of the largest hardwood flooring sample boards available. In fact, most of the hardwood floor samples in our 4,000 sq foot showroom are a huge 40×30 in size, which is much larger than most flooring companies provide. The difference in sample size enables you to get a realistic sense of how the hardwood floors you are considering look with your couch, next to the wall you recently painted or adjacent to the carpeting you’ve selected for the next room.

Finally, you should consider the quantity and variance of the wood flooring options available to you. At SimpleFloors Portland, we stock over 3,000 different hardwood flooring options. Yes, you read that correctly, that did say 3,000 different colors, styles and brands of hardwood flooring is available to you right here in our Portland home design center. It is important to us that we give you nearly every option and even our own proprietary and exclusive line of hardwood flooring to ensure that you get the exact wood flooring you need and the best price.

We take it a step further by allowing you to check out our hardwood flooring samples and take them with you to be absolutely sure that the color, style, and texture of your new hardwood floors match every single element of your new home design. And if that wasn’t enough, our home design center team is there to help you find the perfect floor sample that will make your decision even easier.

So remember, not all hardwood flooring samples are created equal. How can we help you select the hardwood flooring that is perfect for your family?