Whether you are planning to renovate your Portland home or building a new home in Beaverton or some other suburb, you are beginning to realize that home design goes well beyond hardwood flooring. Yes, wood floors are an integral and foundational component in home design, but there are many other decisions that you face when bringing your design together. From bathroom to kitchen and family spaces all the way to your master suite, making your home uniquely you requires a lot more than just your flooring selections.

With a name like Simple Floors Portland, it never surprises us how many of our customers think that we only sell wood flooring in Portland and the surrounding suburbs. What’s more, many of our first-time customers don’t realize that in addition to hardwood flooring, we also handle engineered hardwood floors, laminate wood flooring, and even composite vinyl wood-like flooring. But when it comes to home design, these flooring options are just the beginning. Let’s go over some of the other home design products and options we help our Oregon and SW Washington customers with.


Tile Flooring That Will Make You Go Hmmmm

Tile products have come a long way and the uses, varieties, and colors are the tip of the iceberg when choosing the tile you need. Tile flooring, accent tile, backsplashes, and wall tile are just a few of the many options that consumers have at their disposal.

Tile Flooring – It wasn’t that long ago that large square or rectangular colored tiles where the normal tile options available for homeowners. Anything outside of that tile “box” was either not invented yet or so overwhelmingly expensive it was nearly never found in an average American home. Those days are gone!

Simple Floors Portland offers a wide range of tile flooring options. Some of these options will literally blow your mind, such as wood floor tile, which has an amazingly realistic look, color, and texture of actual wood floor. Other tile floor selections create the look, texture, and color of actual stone, giving you design options that were not available in the past. Regardless of the new tile floor, you are looking for, we have the brand, color, and textures that will make your new kitchen, bathroom and floor an amazing part of your home design.

Thought we just sold hardwood floors? Watch this!

Tile Accents And Backsplash

Whether you are designing the perfect kitchen or a master bathroom that will make your neighbors jealous, tile can add elements of color, style, and texture to your design. Our massive selection of tile products also include many natural materials such as stone, marble, and granite, as well as engineered options like glass, metal and other components.

Tile can make a significant impact on your kitchen and bathroom by using design elements that tie everything together. Wall tiles and accent tiles can set a contrast that pops or create a smooth clean look depending on how the tiles are used together. Our huge selection of backsplash tile, wall tile, and accent tile gives you the ability to blend and match your other design elements in one location, ensuring your tile achieves the look you were hoping for.

Countertops – You’ve Got Options

If there is one thing about countertops you should know, it’s that you have a ton of options. We sell literally hundreds of counter top styles from natural mineral and stone to composite and tile. Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary looks, subtle color tones or those that wow, your countertops give you the ability to combine function with style that complements and contrasts other elements of your home design.

Carpeting Decisions

Here in the Pacific Northwest and particularly in the Portland metro area, carpet has become more of an accent component of home design rather than a standard home flooring component. Many homeowners are opting to use carpeting in select areas of their home and using other flooring like hardwood and laminate for the majority of the rest of the design.

When you are selecting carpet to go with your overall home design, it is really important that you take the other hardscape colors, textures and styles into account. You want to be sure that your wall color, wood floors, cabinets, countertops, and tile accents work with the carpet you are selecting. Our Portland area carpet selection gives you all of the latest colors and styles right in the same showroom where you are choosing your wood floors and other design elements. We call that simple!

And Of Course, We Sell Wood Flooring

Yes, we also sell a tremendous amount of hardwood flooring as well. Though we think you probably get that, you may not realize how much we actually carry. Did you know that we have over 3,000 different wood flooring styles right here in our Portland floor showroom?

We carry our own line of hardwood, engineered hardwood, and laminate wood flooring, as well as numerous additional brands for you to choose from. We take things a bit further by providing some of the largest sized sample boards in the industry, making it much easier to see what your wood floor would look like, as well as combine your selection with your tile, carpet, cabinet and countertop choices.

When it comes to designing your new home or creating a remodel home design, you have many additional choices to make beyond your wood floors. We help to make those choices simple and in one place! How can we help you?