Design trends tend to come and go frequently. They make their way into our home and our lives and as soon as they are adopted they are on their way out. But the current trends are still fun to watch and include in your home interiors. Here are a few home design trends that recently topped the charts, so browse through and see if any of these spark some creative excitement that you can implement into your own home.Home Design Trends - Palms and Tropical

Top Design Trends That Are Winning

Looking around your current home do you feel like much of your design inspiration has long lost its luster? Does your design style look more like the “don’ts” side of a trendy style magazine? We don’t all have to keep up with the latest design curve, but sometimes a newly refreshed space just gives us that little bit of oomph back into our step. We rounded up a few stylish trends from interior designers and put them in a shortlist. See which ones may speak to you.

Tropical and Palm GraphicsPalm and Tropical Bold Graphics: The palm and tropical bold graphics trend stem from an exotic vibe. This daring trend began to grow in popularity on Instagram and then take shape in the home design publications. These palm fabrics, tropical wallpapers, and leafy artwork have peaked and they are somewhat magical in the spaces they occupy.

Edgy Bold Jewel HuesEdgy Bold Jewel Hues: Eye-popping contrast hues will take bold to a whole new level. These rich jewel tones with an edge have brightened up many interiors this season. Dramatically displayed in various pieces of furniture and colorful unusual accessories. Another category this vivid trend has touched are wood pieces like tables, dressers and side tables. If you love jewel tones then an amethyst, emerald or ruby red might just be the trick for your next furniture choice.

Dark and Sultry Bathroom DesignDark Sultry Bathrooms: The throne room might start resembling more of that empire vogue with layers of dark gray or even black. Bathrooms are darning the darker hues and pulling it off smartly. Black is classic so why not spread that into the bathroom sanctuary? You might want to try a matt black for your shower or light fixtures, vanities, and mirrors.

Moody Walls Design TrendMoody Walls: This current trend for your home is more on the dramatic side with deep tones of greens, grays, and blues. The idea is that contrast exists between your light furniture, flooring, and fabrics. Creating an effect that will allow a pop of highlighted items against the dark background colors surrounding them. Hence, that moody sensation in the design.

Warmer and Darker Countertops DesignWarmer and Darker Countertops: The white kitchen countertops are taking second fiddle to a warmer and darker counterpart. The idea is to add more pizzazz to the most popular space in the home – the kitchen. Darker countertop elements and striking patterns for kitchen surfaces are gaining more popularity. The pairing of the darker countertops with lighter flooring creates a warmth to the otherwise cold kitchen surfaces.

Biophilia - Interaction with NatureInteraction With Nature – Biophilia: Biophilia design trend not only has a visually pleasing look it also seeks to connect our basic need for nature and marries it with a sleek modern style. Its additional benefits our reducing stress, enhancing creativity and improving our well-being. Not a bad thing given the day to day grind we place on ourselves.

Bold Pattern Tile BacksplashBacksplashes With Bold Patterns: Tile backsplashes are trending with bold designs, patterns, and accents. These works of art make a strong impact on your room and offer it personality. Anything from ornate Moroccan style tile to modern pop-art looking designs, you can find it. Another great example is using a tile combination that uses traditional shapes with multiple colors in one palette.

Lighter Wood Flooring: Flooring seems to run the gamut in trends and color choices are one of them. You will be seeing more lighter shades for wood flooring in interior design. Those beachy colors are trending along with pale birches, light golds, and soft beige. So, if you are switching up your flooring keep in mind those darker hues are out and the lighter tones are in.

Lighter Flooring - Home Design Trend

We hope this helps you be prepared with inspired ideas and learn more about the winning trending home design styles that are out there. So, if you are just updating your furniture or replacing your entire worn-out flooring, painting a few rooms or a complete remodel, knowing how to mix and match some fantastic style ideas can make the whole process so much easier. And give you the greatest reward in having a well-designed space to show for it.

Of course, you can always stop by our designer showroom too and have one of our team assist you in selecting the right colors and materials for your home improvement project. We are delighted to support you in creating your chic house while still having you be able to sink into a warm comfortable home. It’s what we do!