While some studies might reveal that we are what we eat, a recent study on kitchen trends shows that we are as well, where we eat, too. Per the 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, a third of homeowners report leading a healthier lifestyle after a kitchen renovation. This is good news for many experts who have long shared concerns about the addiction to fast-paced lifestyles that many Americans live today.

But, can a kitchen remodel actually help improve lifestyles?


How Renovating A Kitchen Impacts Homeowners

With a continued trend of renovating kitchens to more of an open and spacious feel that is connected to provide that great room look and feel, the kitchen also further cemented itself as one of the favored rooms in the home for many. The impact of a kitchen remodel was significant and showcased a lot more than just eating habits.

Here Are 8 Changes In Lifestyle After Kitchen Updates:

  1. More family time
  2. More home cooking
  3. More entertaining
  4. Less takeout
  5. More working at home
  6. More baking
  7. More sit-down meals
  8. More fruits and vegetables

Of those surveyed, a third reported that they are leading healthier lifestyles after renovating their kitchen with 41% now cooking more meals at home. And of course, Americans love takeout, but for the homeowners surveyed, they are now ordering less takeout by the tune of 34% while increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables by 26%. Along with that, 76% now cook five or more meals at home each week.

But as we can also see, healthier lifestyles mean much more than just what and how we eat, but also, where we eat. With more family time topping the list, this will for sure impact positively the family dynamics within our society in the years to come.

Why Are Homeowners Deciding To Renovate Their Kitchen?

There are three determining factors that are leading homeowners to upgrade their kitchen which will undoubtedly increase the overall value of their house, but as we have also seen, will increase the value of their life, too.

  1. The homeowner has had enough of the old kitchen and can’t take it anymore. They don’t just need to renovate; they must renovate.
  2. The homeowner has always wanted to renovate the kitchen and now has the means to renovate the kitchen.
  3. The homeowner just purchased the home and wants now to make it their own, thus renovating.

Where Does One Begin With Renovating Their Kitchen?

For certain, creating a more spacious kitchen that is connected to other rooms, which makes it perfect for entertaining guests as well as spending that all too invaluable time with the family is a big deal for homeowners. Of those surveyed, 51% are making their kitchens more open to other rooms, while 36% are increasing the overall size. A a matter of fact, 20% are also making their kitchen more open to the outdoors.

But, what types of changes are homeowners making to their kitchens specifically that is providing the right environment for them to see such significant lifestyle changes?

What Kitchen Features Are Homeowners Upgrading?

While there are many places to start with renovating your kitchen, there are a couple of elements that consistently rise to the top of many kitchen remodel checklists. These elements in particular can add life to the kitchen in a unique way by providing the perfect accent to your overall kitchen theme.

What are they, you ask? Here are the top 2 feature elements that homeowners are upgrading with their kitchen renovation.

  1. Countertops – This feature can set the tone in any kitchen for meal preparation space to a good conversation over a glass of wine to catching up with the kids after work. Trending currently for materials used for upgrading the countertop is granite and engineered quartz.
  2. Backsplash – This feature packs a punch by accentuating the kitchen’s finishes. From larger subway tiles to ceiling-height tile to mirror and metallic finishes. The backsplash is affordable and provides you with a plethora of options.

Also making the list is another popular major feature upgrade that homeowners are also turning to. Their kitchen cabinets. Generally, cabinets can take up a significant amount of your kitchen space. Many homeowners have cabinets on the list of items to upgrade because they’re just tired of the instant eye sore that cabinets can become. However, having the right kitchen cabinets is crucial to the overall functionality of the kitchen.

Where Would You Like To Begin Your Kitchen Renovation?

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