There are quite a few design styles that have come and gone over the years, and then there are some that seem to last the test of time. A design style can speak to you in a way that just walls, flooring and furniture can’t. The heart of a stunning timeless design style is that it resonates with a broad group of people and that it can outlast any trend. It becomes a classic technique for those who wish to implement it into their own homes.

Creating the best space possible for you or you and your family can be overwhelming when deciding against a myriad of options from flooring, surface materials, paint colors, furniture and more! But you can start breaking things down into manageable options by choosing from these fundamental design styles, and then choosing the one that best resonates with your personality. We have even taken it one step further by helping you match a wood floor look with each classic design style. Let’s get going!


Fundamental Design Styles For Your Home Interior

There are so many design styles today. It seems that a new one pops up every day, or perhaps it just feels that way. Truth be told, often a classic design style will be repurposed with a slightly unusual twist than its historical counterpart, but that doesn’t mean its an original style altogether. We came up with some of the primary foundational design styles that have become go-to design styles over the years. These should help you connect with one design and start planning your dream space. Keep in mind each one has its individual look and vibe, which should narrow down your design dilemma.

Flooring For Modern Design

ModernDesign with precise, fresh lines

The expression of the modern design style is similar to city life complemented with contemporary. It has strong, clean, fresh lines with a muted color palette. The materials used are simplified into metals, glass, and sleek fabric. The simplicity of the materials and accessories keeps this style devoid of clutter and ultra-clean.

Flooring For Industrial Design

IndustrialDesign inspired by warehouses and city-style lofts

This warehouse and inspired urban vibe originate from the raw unfinished components revealed during a renovation of old industrial buildings, whether within the city or in a manufacturing area. The style depicts exposed brick, rough ductwork, and crude wood beams. Lofts and other hanging metal light fixtures are some of the architectural details you will see with this design style, plus higher ceiling heights, a neutral color palette, and scattered key pieces of furniture.

Flooring For Traditional Design

TraditionalDesign with classical, European details

The traditional design style has classic features and found to be rooted in most of the other design styles. It captures a quality of intensity and layering. This specific design style has a darker mood with finished wood and a rich, lush color palette. It carries arched lines, velvets, silks, and intricate patterns/textures. Even the artwork has an elaborate sensibility that can be a conversation starter within the space.

Flooring For French Country

French CountryDesign inspired by the farmhouse mystique

The French Country design movement comes out of a mix of vintage French, a hint of shabby chic, and a robust farmhouse foundation. The balance in combining chunky ornamental wooden furniture with delicate ornate porcelain china and bright white thick linens makes this style a popular one. Its warm, nature-inspired color palette is reflective of the farmhouse environment with soft touches of reds, yellows, and golds. Rooms are filled with lovingly worn accessories and durable architectural details like brick and stone.

Flooring For Bohemian Design

BohemianDesign reflective of little rules, vintage and eclectic

The bohemian design style brings a casual, lighthearted atmosphere to your space, and invites an anything-goes type of vibe. Just bring with you your heart’s passion, and you will be right on point. You can easily include eclectic antiques, cultural rugs, elaborate fabrics, flea market finds, and repurposed/recycled items. Collections are also on display amidst this design style, so if you love your treasures, this style will work well for you. Select your most comfortable sofas, chairs, and scatter a few throw pillow on the floor to capture that authentic bohemian flair. It pretty much allows for any kind of design element. So, if you don’t do well with staying inside of constraints, this is your design style!

Flooring For Rustic Design

Rustic –  Design inspired by nature, raw and unfinished details

The rustic design look brings the outdoors in and focuses on the influence of nature with its weathered surfaces, unfinished components, natural stone, and tooled leather. The décor itself can be a little more on the coarse side with browns, yellows and natural tones completing the color palette. The architectural detials include vaulted ceilings with thick hand-hewn beams, and reclaimed or handscraped wood floors.

Flooring For Coastal Design

CoastalDesign inspired by the beach, relaxed and comfortable

From the beach to the bedroom, or any other room in your home interior, that’s the origin of this coastal design style. Its inspiration emanates from coastal views, but it continues toward a more elegant look. You will find a light, breezy seaside influence in the color palette, including beautiful ocean blues and soft seafoam greens. The furnishings are usually in whites, soft driftwood grays, or sandy tans. Most of the accessories are seaside treasures that are tastefully mixed in. The setting creates a restful retreat intentionally, with its comfortable pillows, large windows with billowy window treatments, and hand-painted white wood. Ultimately the coastal design style offers a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to either take in the view or unwind after a long hectic day.


Matching Hardwood Flooring With Your Design Style

Shopping around for sample flooring for your PDX interior can seem daunting when there are so many choices. The variety of types, texture, grains, color, and finishes are endless. We put together some possible matches of hardwood flooring options that will match your selected design style to assist you in narrowing down your search.

Flooring For Your Modern Design Style


Flooring For Your Industrial Design Style


Flooring For Your Traditional Design Style

Traditional Design FlooringBamboo Wood Floor

We carry many hand scrapped traditional style hardwood flooring options. Check out some of our traditional bamboo flooring options.

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Flooring For Your French Country Design Style


Flooring For Your Bohemian Design Style

Flooring For Your Rustic Design Style

merindah handscraped oak solid hardwood floorCheck our out Hardwood Floor Catalog

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Flooring For Your Coastal Design Style


If you don’t see the exact match for your hardwood flooring design preference, please either stop into our Portland Design Showroom or browse the other selections we have available in our Simple Floors Online Catalog. Our professional design team is always available to help walk you through the best options for your specific interior design needs in Portland Oregon.