Upon entering your kitchen, one of the main components that your guests will notice first is almost always the kitchen cabinets. For many, the very thought is enough to send sheer panic up and down their spine. Having a significant impact on the overall look and feel of one’s kitchen, selecting the right cabinets that combine with your countertops, tile, and flooring is much more than just for the look. Kitchen cabinets need to be practical, too.

How Important Are Cabinets In Kitchen Design?

As a centerpiece for the kitchen, cabinets are critically important to the overall look and feel that homeowners are seeking. When renovating a kitchen, many designers will choose their countertops, tile, flooring, hardware, and appliances using the layout and style of the cabinets. The importance of the kitchen cabinets to work functionally as an important component of the home is just as important as maintaining the overall home design from the kitchen toward the rest of your house.


Why Upgrading Kitchen Cabinets Is Popular

In a previous post about “How Kitchen Remodels Actually Improve Lifestyles”, we wrote this about upgrading kitchen cabinets and why it is a popular choice for renovation projects, “Generally, cabinets can take up a significant amount of your kitchen space. Many homeowners have cabinets on the list of items to upgrade because they’re just tired of the instant eyesore that cabinets can become. But having the right kitchen cabinets is crucial to the overall functionality of the kitchen.”

Not to mention, if you are planning to sell your home sometime over the next 5-7 years, adding updated kitchen cabinets into a home renovation project can make a significant difference in the overall return on investment of your home.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles Homeowners Are Choosing

There are many popular cabinet styles to choose from when designing a new kitchen space. Here are but two of those cabinet options that are growing favorites among Portland homeowners:

Gray Cabinets

Gray continues to be a favorite choice of homeowners for not only flooring, but also kitchen cabinets as well. Gray is always a great choice as it can blend well with most color schemes.

White Cabinets

Add some light to that kitchen with white cabinets that also provide a clean and sleek look. For many who have smaller kitchens, white cabinets can make the space feel bigger. This is an important thought as no one likes to feel cramped in the kitchen.

Why Cabinet Hardware Is Important But Forgotten

For years, homeowners have become increasingly focused on the small details that help keep the home working effectively, while also adding a subtle touch that helps keep the home look intentionally designed, as well.

So, what about these details?

If there is one item that can often be forgotten that at the same time has the power to punctuate your kitchen cabinets like nothing else, it is cabinet hardware.

What is cabinet hardware, you ask? Cabinet hardware is the drawer guides, knobs, and pulls that both accent and make your kitchen cabinets more functional.

Just take a quick moment to move through your house and observe the various knobs and pulls. If you think about it, they really do play a big part in the whole scheme of things. Cabinet knobs and hardware can make a significant impact in your daily use, but can also quickly become an object of pain and regret when you select the wrong ones. Sometimes even fading into obscurity within your daily life in your kitchen, cabinet hardware either makes, enhances or breaks your kitchen functionality.

Practical Cabinets (That Are Functional Too)

No question that having practical kitchen cabinets is a key component to the overall operation of the kitchen. But in a world of ever-changing technology, having cabinets that are functional as well, is becoming just as important to homeowners.

When deciding on upgrading the cabinets, something that homeowners never had to consider in the past was the idea of including a built-in charging station for your electronic devices or even a place to place that tablet for easy access to those Pinterest recipes. Be sure that the design of your new kitchen as well as cabinet placement and technology additions are taken into account. Not just for how you live, but how potential buyers in the future will look at the kitchen space you have created for them.

Questions To Ask About Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen need an upgrade? Let’s face it, in today’s modern culture, the kitchen is fast becoming the favorite room and frankly, now space, in the entire home. Here are some questions to ask yourself that may just confirm, what you already know.

  • Are your cabinets old and outdated?
  • Are your cabinets an eye sore?
  • Are your cabinets practical?
  • What about your cabinets are not functional?

If you answered yes, yes, and no, and have more than a few non-functional items on your list, chances are your kitchen is ready for an upgrade.

Kitchen Renovations In Portland

Though we do not offer custom kitchen cabinetry Simple Floors does work with Portland homeowners and designers to ensure that their new flooring, countertops, and tile all come together to capture the desired new look. We are here to help you bring all of your kitchen cabinet, tile, flooring, and countertop components together.