There’s nothing worse than getting to a spill a little too late. For homes with well-traveled flooring that lack some of the more recent advances in water-resistance technology, chances are, a little too late can often mean, another all too real reminder that maybe it’s time to install new flooring?

For home owners looking at making their upcoming remodel project one that entails taking advantage of said technology, before you make a decision, be sure understand clearly, what you’re deciding on first. Take, for instance, laminate flooring and the incredible advancements in water-resistance technology.

There is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. But before we get out ahead of ourselves, let’s understand the difference between being water-resistance and being waterproof.


The Difference Between Water-Resistant And Waterproof?

Although, the difference might seem obvious, for the sake of establishing a clearer understanding, it is important that we help provide definition. Here are the differences between water-resistant and waterproof:

Being water-resistant means being able to resist the penetration of water up to a certain point. But, it does not resist water entirely. Where as waterproof, is just that, in that it is impenetrable by water.

What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Floors PDXLaminate flooring is what many call, a hybrid floor covering that is made using multiple components, including particle board wood. As far as installing goes, it is very much like installing real hardwood with its modernized tongue-and-groove style of joining boards. But unlike installing hardwood, installing laminate flooring can be very easy for those who happen to be the do-it-yourself types.

With laminate flooring, if it is it tightly seamed, it can very well be waterproof. But don’t confuse laminate flooring with vinyl flooring as both are made of different materials. With this more clearly defined, let’s now look at the difference between laminate flooring that is waterproof and laminate flooring that is water-resistant.

Is Laminate Flooring Waterproof?

Because of a common misperception confusing laminate flooring with luxury vinyl tile floor, often times, laminate is mistaken as being waterproof. Being of the materials that make up laminate flooring, it is not waterproof. But is laminate flooring water-resistant? Let’s find out.

Is Laminate Flooring Water Resistant?

northshore plank nantucket laminate wood floorLaminate Flooring Is Not Waterproof. However, it is water-resistant, which is why laminate flooring is looked upon to be one of the most kid and pet friendly flooring solutions on the market. Do your floors support the wear and tear, and maybe a spill or two that your kids and pets might bring? If so, maybe it really is time to not only install new flooring, but the right flooring to support your home activity.

New Advancements In Water-resistant Technology

When recently speaking with some of our flooring suppliers we heard statements such as “Laminate can actually repel water from the seams.” In fact water-resistance technology has increased in its performance over the years to include styles from manufacturers that are incredibly effective at repelling water.

Laminate flooring can provide ample time to clean up spills, making it easier to protect the floor’s original beauty and offer lasting durability that prevents damage due to moisture. Many laminate flooring brands offer added scratch, stain, and fade-resistance benefits to their products to make them even more durable. Laminate floors are known to also be much easier to clean and care for from other flooring materials that are on the market today.

Do you remember when we wrote earlier that there’s nothing worse than to get to a spill a little too late? The best part of about laminate floors are that they can give you much-needed time to clean up accidental spills and messes. This is big because in doing so, it will help you to further protect the beauty of your floor.

Selection Of Water Resistant Laminate Floors

Water Resistant Laminate Floors are available in numerous different collections, offering selections with subtle differences in wood species, textures, finishes and color. Some even have the super popular reclaimed look with varying tones, while others have the classic, rich look of traditional hardwood. Flooring featuring hand scraping, powerful warranties and the ease of a floating floor install and more!

Portland Simple Floors Is Simply The Best ChoiceLaminate flooring Portland

With over 3,000 flooring materials, styles, colors and textures in stock, you have many laminate flooring options to choose from. Before deciding on which type of water-resistant or waterproof flooring to purchase, it is helpful to be educated on what you are looking at beyond just specifications and price. Working with professionals that will take the time to answer your questions and understand your design goals is critical. Let us know if you have any flooring questions we can answer for you or visit us at our Portland home design center to see for yourself. Our friendly team of professionals and wide selection is looking forward to greeting you.