For the average area resident, it wouldn’t be a shock to hear that there are a lot of Portland area wineries and vineyards nearby. It might however be a surprise to you if you knew that Oregon wine country covers an area of the state which is more than 100 miles long by 60 miles wide and spans some 3,438,000 acres of land. In fact, the Willamette Valley represents 72% of the planted vineyards and wine production in Oregon and is known worldwide for its Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Riesling and other wines produced here in Oregon wine country.

In our investigation about Oregon wines, vineyards and Portland area wineries, we uncovered some interesting statistics and details about the flourishing wine industry in Oregon and we thought you’d find it fascinating also. Then later in this article we will give you some suggestions and details on wineries in the Portland area as well.


Oregon Winery Statistics

Pinot noir and Pinot gris are the top grapes grown in Oregon, producing over 59,452 short tons in 2016. Yes, that is a lot of grapes! That translates into around 3.4 million cases in 2016 sold by Oregon winemakers, from a total of around 725 total wineries in Oregon. Additionally, there 18 approved winegrowing regions in Oregon, which produce around 72 varieties of grapes.

Out of some 725 wineries in Oregon, 554 of those wineries and 719 of all of the vineyards are located right in the Willamette Valley itself. Known for its world-class Pinot noir, Willamette Valley wineries and tasting rooms are also blessed with some of the most beautiful views of the Cascade Mountains, while surrounded by stunning lush green landscapes that we all adore.

Portland Area Wineries

Surrounding the Portland area there are two counties that have an abundance of wineries, resulting in Portland area wine tasting options that are some of Oregon wine country’s finest vino. Yamhill County vineyards and Washington County wineries are where it’s at for Oregon wines that are really close to the expansive Portland metro area.

How many wineries are near Portland in these counties?

And what are the best Oregon wineries near Portland to visit?

Yamhill County Wineries

There are over 80 wineries in Yamhill CountyJust west of Sherwood and before you enter Newberg, on Hwy 99 toward the Oregon coast, is the county line of Yamhill County. Surprisingly, Yamhill County has over 80 wineries and an astounding 200 vineyards, which is the largest concentration of winegrowers and producers in any other county in Oregon. The title, Oregon wine country, comes from this part of the state where many of its vineyards specialize in Oregon’s famous Pinot noir. Though other varieties of grapes are also grown in Yamhill County, like Pinot gris, Pinot blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Gewürztraminer, the highest volumes are typically coming from Pinot Noir production.

With more than 80 wineries to choose from in Yamhill County and the close proximity to the Portland area, you will do well to take the 45 minute drive to Oregon wine country. Often overlooked by Portlanders, Yamhill County is a scenic paradise with rolling hills covered in pristine rows of grape vines, which are painstakingly cared for by some of the best wine industry professionals in the state.

Wineries to see in Yamhill County

Since there are so many wineries in Yamhill County, we reached out to Phil Hyatt, a professional wine tasting tour guide to get his top suggestions (more on Phil’s wine tasting tours below). So here are Phil’s suggested Yamhill County wineries to put on your day trip list from Portland.

Tresori Winery – Newberg, Or

Privé Winery – Newberg, Or

Anderson Family Vineyard – Dundee Hills, Or

Soter Vineyards – Carlton, Or

Washington County Wineries

There are about 32 Washington County Oregon wineriesThough Washington County has far fewer wineries than in the Yamhill valley area, there are a number of them to choose from. There are about 32 wineries with tasting rooms open to the public in Washington County and it’s likely that you might recognize a few of the more well-known wineries from Washington County that we have listed below.

Wineries to see in Washington County

Montinore Estate – Forest Grove, Or

Ponzi Vineyards – Sherwood, Or

Oak Knoll Winery – Hillsboro, Or

The Best Way To Go Wine Tasting From Portland Metro

Since you are right in the Portland metro area, you might think that just jumping in your car and driving randomly from one winery to another is an easy way to go. But if you don’t know the best wineries and tasting rooms near Portland, nor the best times to visit which Oregon winery for a tasting excursion, you may just be wasting time and creating a less than desirable experience. A better choice might just be hiring a professional to do the driving and get you to all the best wineries and vineyards near Portland.

Meet Wine Tours By Phil. Phil Hyatt that is, out of Dundee, Oregon, right in the heart of Oregon wine country. In over 8 years Phil and his team has completed nearly 2,800 wine tours to Yamhill and Washington County wineries for some 6,000 guests. He is a veteran of the Oregon wine tour business in the Portland metro area and you can’t go wrong working with him for your Portland area wine tour.

His wine tour service makes it easy and surprisingly affordable for groups big and small. In fact, for a group of up to 7 people, you can tour multiple wine tasting locations over 5 hours for around $350. Split 7 ways, that’s just $50 per person. No driving, no guessing where to go or which winery is open. Phil and his team handle the plans, the wineries to tour and even provide the water, chocolates and snacks along the way.

You can call Phil at 503-550-9854 for additional Portland area wine tour information, make a wine tour reservation, or you can simply check out the website at