We’ve all heard the phrase “what a difference a coat of paint can make”, and it often does make a drastic change to the look and feel of a room. The right wall hue in a room can go a long way to transforming a space into something more personally pleasing and distinct. But when you are looking to totally transform a room in your home, you will need to go a bit further. If you’re desire is to completely renovate and redesign a space, it typically involves far more than just paint on a wall to achieve that level of makeover. Components such as flooring, tile, accent wall materials, wood accents and decor, all come together to create a newly rejuvenated space.

But how do you visualize a renovated room?

Seeing an example of a Portland home transformation is a good first step!


In our business, it can be a challenge at times to get completed project pictures. Fortunately, one of our customers just completed a drastic redesign of their living space into a spectacular new look. They were able to document the before and after scenes from their recent Portland family room renovation project and we’re going to share it with you!

Before The Transformation

Portland home transformed with flooring, tile and decorIf you have a little of the 1990’s, some dark colors and worn out carpet, with a smidge of dated style thrown in, that would be exactly where this Portland home transformation began. No joke! Seriously, this is where many homeowners are and are at the exact same or at least similar spot as this homeowner. That’s why you are wanting to revive your room to begin with, right?

In this limited photo taken of the before the home design renovation, our customer was able to capture the state of the project before anything was touched. Notice the carpeting, fireplace mantel, wall color and tile. The entire space seems dated, dark and just plain uninviting.

The customer wanted to make their dark, exhausted Portland home something  special and revitalized. A design that would capture the essence of Portland, their own sense of unique style, a bright open space, keeping the feel of comfort and yet finishing it as a warm welcoming space. We believe this is exactly what they accomplished.

A Portland Home Transformed

Before we break down the details of this Portland home transformation, take a quick moment to let the following picture sink in. We can assure you that this is the same home and the same original space that is depicted in the before photo above, although it looks nothing like it … anymore.

Wood Flooring transformation in Portland

Portland home renovation before and after

Now that you have taken a quick moment to take in the sample shot of this amazing transformation, we want to quickly go through some of the main components of this Portland remodel before and after with you. We’ve included an additional photo of the main shot of this project (to the left), which includes some highlights of the components we think are important to mention.

The main components of this renovation are paint, wood flooring, tile, a shiplap accent wall, a new mantel and of course the fabulous decor. Now let’s go through each one of them in more detail.

Paint – As we stated in the intro of this article, paint really can transform a space foundationally. By going with a neutral off white, the space brightened up and starts to look more current. Selecting the right paint for the color palette you will be using makes all the difference in the final project.

Denali Hickory Wood FlooringWood Floors – Notice how the somewhat darker hardwood flooring was added to add contrast and enhance the warmth of the room. The addition of lighter wood accents in the shelving, and the mantel create a bridge with the starkness of the walls to generate balance in the room. We used natural wood floor product that combines heavy scrapes, dents and rough chiseling with a rustic chiseled edge as a warm foundation.

Tile – Perfect for Portland style, our subway tile was used to bring a classic look to a rather dated, dark and tired looking fireplace. The chosen alabaster tile color brightens the wall space as well.

Wood floors in Portland home transformationShiplap – We know that shiplap is all the rage in home design right now and this transformation gives you another way it can be incorporated into your room designs. Just a simple accent wall at the back of the room can add texture and intrigue to an otherwise bland wall. Brilliant!

Mantel – Remember the oak mantel that surrounded the 90’s tile fireplace? In it’s place a clean, simple, light colored pine wood mantel plays off of the subway tile and connects to some of the home decor enhancements within the room. The new mantel connects with the other light wood decor elements, while contrasting the new rustic darker wood floors that were added to the room.

Portland Home Transformation AfterDecor – The Portland homeowner used interesting decor to highlight the transformed space with pops of color, textural rustic tones and eclectic whimsical pieces that bring everything together.

You’ll also notice that the new design utilized layout quite differently than in the before shot. The media station was moved over the mantel and the couch was downsized, while additional pieces of furniture were added in order to give better flow to the room. It is the little details that makes all the difference!

Transforming Your Home Design In Portland

Though this home design transformation in Portland leans a little more on the eclectic side, the results are undeniably amazing. Depending on your personal tastes and preferred design style, this same type of extreme renovation could be accomplished for you. You may decide to select less accessories and different types of wall accents but in the end, this Portland home redesign is an exercise in how a classy home renovation should be done. We love it, do you?

Completed Project Gallery

Photo’s by Jared Bumgarner – Home Design by Emily Callero

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