So far in our Portland veteran campaign journey, we have shared with you our plans to bless two local Portland veterans with new wood floors this holiday season. We have explained our desire to bring awareness to the many vets in our community who have needs and we have introduced you to one of those amazing Portland area veterans. Today, we continue our campaign by bringing you the story of another Portland veteran who stole our hearts and was also selected to receive new hardwood floors during our campaign.

After receiving numerous nominations from the active duty and veteran communities in and around Portland, we came across Griffin Ramsdell. His humble heart, fierce determination for life and a story of overcoming truly impacted everyone on our team. As we continued to interview and make contact with the several candidates throughout our selection process, Griffin became an early favorite. We think that you will agree, Griffin was an excellent choice to be blessed with hardwood floors this year.


Portland Area Veteran Griffin Ramsdell

Meet Griffin Ramsdell, one of two Portland vets that we selected to honor this year. Griffin has a story that we would like you to watch. Please pay close attention as this young, humble veteran shares his story. You may want to grab a tissue before pressing the play button below. After you watch his story, please continue reading as we have more we like you to know.

If Griffin’s story didn’t make an impact on you, we question whether ice water or blood is the fluid flowing through your veins. At every single stage of working with Griffin for this Portland veteran campaign, our team has been impacted deeply. The power of his story is one that both entices strong emotions, but also establishes a deep connection with him and the larger Portland veteran community.

The connection we now have with this amazing Portland vet has also fostered within us a deeper appreciation for all veterans. Griffin and Tiffany have humanized veterans for us and so many others that have joined us on this journey. Not that vets are not human, but because of their stories we can better relate to them, their experiences and remove walls that tend to keep others from taking action, getting information or helping.

When we remove the G.I. Joe and G.I. Jane perception of our veterans, we see them for who they truly are. They are people who are just like us, only that have seen and experienced some of the most unimaginable things. So in one sense, they are super human, heroes and courageous patriots that deserve our respect and gratitude. But many are also broken human beings that are struggling with the results of their contributions to our nation, who also have the some of the same challenges of life as we all do.

Through Griffin and his story, we have a better understanding of needs, challenges and sacrifices that our veterans face. We challenge our fellow Portland area community to listen to Griffin Ramsdell and what he spoke to you his fellow Portlanders. To reach out to our Portland veterans, offer a helping hand. To seek out organizations and opportunities to show your appreciation to local vets and take some kind of action.

Our role in this Portland veteran awareness project has been stated. Bless two local veterans with hardwood floors and increase awareness of our area vets. Then get you, our fellow Portland area citizens to do something. Whether it is big or small, today or on a continual basis, we hope you become inspired to recognize and reach out to vets in our area. Let them know that they are appreciated. Lift a hand of encouragement and back it up with steps of action.

There are a lot of hurting veterans in Portland that need help. Are you willing to do something for our vets? We hope you are and ultimately do.

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