There is a certain nostalgia when it comes to a home that has its décor centered around an old farmhouse design or a renovated barn, both contributing to a style of distinguished elegance. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is a prominent piece of a look that just adds a mystique of old-time, historical beauty. Many love the look that antique wood brings to a home and the period of time that is represented by its weathered, warped, character infused finish. Incorporating antique or reclaimed wood flooring into any room can transport you back in time where the home was the heart of everything and was often steeped in remarkable charm.

You may be asking what exactly is the look of reclaimed or antique hardwood flooring? Reclaimed or Antique flooring is the result of reusing old wood that was previously removed and disassembled from an older building or home, in a new space or for a new use. Think of using reclaimed wood as recycling or upcycling old barns, floors or housing materials and using them to make custom wood beams, furniture, cabinetry and of course fashionable hardwood flooring.


Basic Things To Know About Reclaimed Wood Floors

Limited Availability –  While it might be a challenge to find a local supplier for beautifully antiqued wood flooring, it can be acquired with a thorough search done ahead of time. Once you actually locate the availability of the specific reclaimed wood material you are looking for, be prepared that the quantity can ebb and flow based on what they currently have in stock. In order to have the required volume you will need, you will want to coordinate your acquisition of the wood material far in advance of when you will actually need to install it.

Costs and Challenges – The cost can be less expensive in some cases, depending on the accessibility the resource has in attaining the product. But in most cases, it can be much more expensive than fabricated flooring. The costs vary because of many barriers, from harvesting the older flooring before reselling to overexposure of the wood to moisture, an infestation of any insects and mold. Proper drying and storing of the product can also be a problem since many suppliers do not want to hold on to the reclaimed wood product for too long, wasting valuable warehouse space. Lastly, the labor to remove, resurface and reinstall can be costly as well if not considered ahead of time in your project’s budget. But there is another way to go about having this look without having to jump through hoops of acquiring such a rare and challenging product. Try a fabricated reclaimed wood floor.

How Fabricated Reclaimed Flooring is Made

Now it is possible to achieve a reclaimed wood flooring look using newly harvested trees. The process is part of the recycling of manufactured lumber. First, hardwood trees are cut and processed into 1” thick lumber. Then taken through a kiln to reduce the moisture content to a satisfactory level to offer more stability and sustainability. The product is then placed flat to be re-sawed in order to mirror the look of reclaimed textures and marks. In traditional reclaimed wood, they were stacked in a shed to protect it from the elements where the wood could slowly air dry, sometimes for as much as one to two years. This may have given a very rustic look to the finish but loses its stability. This is where the newer reclaimed wood shines. The kiln drying method offers a better, more sustainable and cleaner product.

Kiln drying is an effective process to not only provide more durability to the wood but kill off any insects that might be inside it. While milling the wood in such a fashion it produces the interesting texture and relief pattern in the hardwood flooring. The homeowner wins with getting the right character and authenticity of flooring plus a more stable and clean manufactured floor.

Stunning Uses for Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Using recycled wood flooring in home designAttic Hideaway – Create your own small hideaway space in your attic area. Use reclaimed wood flooring to give it a “cottagey” feeling. The warmth of the aged and textured wood will provide a sense of being part of your existing home. The luxury of the style will make you want to sneak off to this spot as often as you can.

Using antique flooring in your barn renovationBarn Renovation – If you happen to be restoring an old barn into your new home or additional living space this type of restoration is perfect for using reclaimed flooring. The antique look will enhance the rustic nature of the barn design while still keeping the flooring space easy to clean and maintain.

Using reclaimed hardwood floors in a farmhouse kitchen redesignFarmhouse Kitchen Remodel – If your kitchen is too new to feel like the heart of your home and you want to add some country flair to your kitchen, reclaimed hardwood flooring is a perfect choice. You can select from an array of shades and texture for your flooring in order to achieve the ideal contrast and mood for your culinary sanctuary.

Using antique hardwood floors in a basement remodelBasement Home Office Revamp – You can increase square footage in your home by just refinishing your basement space. Just because it may be below grade doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like any other room in your house. Start by selecting a bright paint color and fabric choices to give the room more light illumination. Then select a reclaimed flooring option to tie in those natural materials to your new office. When you select the right combination, heading off to work will be something to look forward to and without any traffic to deal with.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring, in a nutshell, is not only a method of rekindling the past but also a beautiful choice in creating an inviting place to reconnect with sentimental pieces of our history. You can choose between antique or fabricated reclaimed wood flooring. Your family will love it, you will appreciate it and your friends will be impressed!