Over the past decade, Portland has increasingly found itself on more and more top ten lists. These lists include top ten cities for travel, food, public transit, and many others. But did you know that Portland has also been listed by BuildFax as a top ten city for remodels?

In the most recent BuildFax Top 20 Cities for Residential Remodeling list, PDX came in at number 8 with 7.4% of homes being remodeled or renovated. “There’s no doubt about it. Across the U.S., we’re seeing a massive boom in residential remodeling,” said Holly Tachovsky, CEO at BuildFax. They also state Portland seems to be continually climbing, having had an increase of 13% since 2013 in residential remodeling.


There’s even more evidence that supports PDX as one of the top remodeling cities in the country. In fact, the Portland Journal’s Jon Bell said, “Home buying and selling continues to keep the Portland housing market churning. Home remodeling is adding fuel to that fire as well.”

What Are Homeowners Remodeling?

With all this remodeling going on, many are asking what types of projects homeowners taking on to provide their home a fresh updated look? We also wanted know where the renovation budgets are being spent, so we did some additional research.

Angie’s List, a US-based website containing crowd-sourced reviews of local businesses where more than 3 million households nationwide use the site to check for these reviews, states that kitchens remain one of the most popular remodeling projects of choice.

“If you think about it, it just makes sense that more people are remodeling their homes. That dream kitchen you’ve always wanted? Why enter the tough housing market when you can just build that kitchen yourself” stated Tachovsky of BuildFax.

A recent Remodeling’s Cost vs. Value study conducted by Remodeling Magazine, showed that even a minor kitchen remodel can reap major dividends in your house value showing upwards of an 83% return on investment.

Steve Aaron, of Steve Aaron Realtor Group at Keller Williams Beverly Hills had this to say about buyer impressions, “If you have a dated kitchen and a buyer walks into that kitchen, they’re going to think that in order to redo that kitchen, they’re going to have to spend $40,000 or $50,000,”

However, Teresa Mays of US News and World Report adds, “But the average cost of a minor kitchen remodel – new cabinet doors, appliances, countertops, sink, faucet, paint and hardware – was $18,856 nationwide, according to the Cost vs. Value report. Savvy shoppers can do it for less than the buyer assumes.”

What Are The Top Kitchen Remodel Trends?

  1. Touch of Gray (or green and blue?) – For the past decade, gray has been the in color of choice for kitchens. Though some experts do disagree on whether gray is slowing in popularity, it still remains a popular choice. However, there are some newer trends in kitchen remodels that add a fresh new look with a fresh foliage color green or blue where a grayish blue could pair well with that grey look.
  2. Dark is light – Black appliances along with black surfaces are popular now in the kitchen. Even darker floors are trending as well.
  3. Luxury vinylLuxury vinyl is a top trend in kitchen flooring right now as it is both stylish and durable. And with modern technology, you can give your kitchen a hardwood floor look for less the price of solid hardwood flooring options.

What Are The Top Kitchen Style Trends?

  1. Transitional Style – Incorporating elements that are both contemporary and traditional make up the transitional kitchen making this the most popular trend in kitchens right now.
  2. Contemporary Style – According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the contemporary-style kitchen has overtaken traditional kitchens in popularity.
  3. Traditional Style – Although most recently overtaken in popularity by the contemporary style kitchen, the traditional kitchen remains a popular style and choice for many homeowners still today.

What Is The Best Kitchen Style Choice For My Home?

Whichever the current trend is, when remodeling for increased house value, homeowners must ask the question, which style best suits your home?

David Pekel, a certified master remodeler in Milwaukee, Wisconsin warns, “Whatever your home improvement is, I strongly discourage designing new spaces in a fashion that’s incongruous with the rest of the house’s architectural vernacular. It doesn’t really add value. It detracts.”

Pekel continues, “Remodeling from the perspective of looking at it from an investment strategy is a terrible model,” Pekel says. “What we can’t quantify is the value of lifestyle.”

What Questions Should I Ask Before Starting A Kitchen Remodel?

For remodeling your kitchen, here are a few questions to ask yourself before deciding on which direction to take:

  1. What will complement your house’s architectural style?
  2. What type of kitchen will work best with your family lifestyle?
  3. What are the core kitchen functionality requirements to suit how you cook and use your kitchen space?

Three Components In Every Kitchen That Play A Vital Role

Once you answer these questions, consider these three kitchen components that will tie the entire space together.

  1. Flooring – Carla Aston a home designer and blogger said this about the power of having the right floor, “Great floors are the backbone of an interior.”
  2. Countertops – For many, the kitchen is the most favorite room in the house. For the countertop, this often means taking center stage.
  3. Backsplash – What you do with your backsplash can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of a kitchen. With just the right accent, it can give your kitchen that wow factor.

With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Although you have made the decision to remodel your kitchen, it could be a little intimidating knowing where to start. That’s what our design center, along with our friendly and knowledgeable staff is for. We’d love to walk with you through the entire process and help you with creating the kitchen of your dreams.