Today’s interior design trends transform uniform wall color and texture throughout specific living spaces into artful features that highlight entire walls. Traditional feature walls have utilized differing colors and textures in order to break up the drab and insert a bit of pizzazz. Bold paint, contrasting wallpaper, and stone have often been used as feature wall mediums, but more recently hardwood flooring is getting a new look … on your wall.

Benefits Of Using Hardwood Flooring On A Feature Wall

Whether you’re doing a complete remodel of your home, some simple renovations or getting a new home ready to move into, using hardwood flooring for an interior feature wall element is a great idea that is gaining interest for many reasons. Let’s cover some of the benefits of using hardwood flooring on your next feature wall.


Endless Flooring Options:

Since there are literally thousands of hardwood floor colors, textures and styles to choose from, there is always an option that will fit with any design theme. Your choices of solid hardwood flooring, engineered flooring, bamboo, and laminate, give you the ability to be as conservative or creative as you like.

The varying types of hardwood floors give you endless options, whether you are looking for a modern or contemporary look. You can select reclaimed wood floor styles with rustic color tones, traditional solid hardwood styles or even venture into wide plank and sustainable bamboo flooring motifs. Regardless of the design style or taste, there is a perfect wood floor to match.

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Budget Options:

One of the great things about using hardwood flooring for a feature wall is cost. Though very high-end exclusive wood flooring can be quite expensive, there are many options that won’t break the bank.

For example, selecting a beautifully engineered hardwood floor option can deliver considerable savings over solid hardwood floor products. The only main difference between these two flooring types is that engineered hardwood floors have a thin layer of actual hardwood covering a substrate of particle board or plywood, and looks identical to the solid version. Durability is not a factor since your flooring will be on a vertical wall, you may want to consider engineered flooring or Laminate hardwood for the dramatic look and discount you can achieve.

Let’s say you have a 9′ x 12′ wall that you want to feature using hardwood flooring. Here are a few examples or cost for materials to complete your project:

Solid Hardwood for that wall would start at around $506.00 on up, depending on the wood flooring you select.

Engineered Hardwood for the same wall could be done for as little as $290.00.

Laminate wood flooring could be used for as low as $130.00!

On the sustainable end of hardwood flooring would be the bamboo flooring option, starting at $355.00

DIY Friendly:

Another benefit of hardwood floor feature walls is that it is an extremely user-friendly DIY option. If you can operate a saw, you can do a custom feature wall of hardwood flooring.

Many engineered and laminate wood floors have simple installation solutions for the “do-it-yourselfer”. Interlocking connections that snap together one piece of flooring into another which makes installing wood flooring on a wall fast and easy. If you can paint a feature wall, you can certainly put up hardwood flooring and make a more unique impact to any room.

It’s not hard to see why using hardwood flooring for feature wall elements is becoming extremely popular. The options, styles, and colors give you the ability to make your living room, bathroom or bedroom a style haven that gets a ton of compliments.

Have a question about selecting the right feature wall wood flooring? We’re here to help!