Laminate flooring has been identified with low-cost value, extreme durability along with significant longevity, but those are just a few of the advantages noteworthy to laminate. They have a unique composite construction that lends themselves to multiple different installation applications, with a lifespan that is equal to many other flooring products on the market today. Finally, laminate floors are super easy to install, so they can be put in by a homeowner themselves, or at a significantly lower cost as compared to hardwood floors by your contractor.

But what are the different looks and styles available in laminate floors?

The Different Looks Of Laminate Flooring

Unlike other flooring products, the construction of laminate flooring combines unique processes to create the finished floor. The 4 layer construction used to produce laminate floors are the wear layer, the design layer, the inner core and finally, the backing layer. But for the purposes of this article, we are going to put our focus on the design layer.

The Design Layer Of Laminate Floors

The design layer of laminate floors is the composite component that gives them their look and color. Each style of laminate flooring is defined by the design layer, with wood species, grains, and textures that combine to establish the look and feel that the customer desires. Technology is used to apply a high-resolution and detailed photographic image of wood onto the design layer and that is what you see with your eyes.

Examples Of Different Laminate Floor Styles

Most laminate floors are created to mimic a specific type of wood, or wood grain effect, along with a distinct finish color. Let’s cover a few of the hundreds of styles and colors of laminate wood flooring available to you.


Wood Lux Bavarian LaminateWood Lux Collection Bavaria Laminate Floor

Wood Lux Collection Bavaria Laminate Floor – A Laminate Floor in Portland has micro-bevel edges, is waterproof, and has a lifetime warranty. It has a Board Thickness of 14mm, Width of 8″ and board length of 54″.



Evoke – Surge Carissa Laminate Floor

Evoke – Surge Carissa Laminate Floor in Portland is a wood composite core floor with 100-hour water protection and a 30-year residential warranty. It has a 7.5″ wide plank and an Embossed-In-Register surface design.



Equinox Multi Countryside Oak by Tas Flooring - Laminate FloorsTas Equinox Multi Countryside Oak Laminate Floor

Equinox Multi Countryside Laminate Flooring by TAS Flooring is an oak medium-color laminate floor available in Portland. This Embossed-In-Register surface design, micro beveled edge laminate floor comes with multi-sized widths by 48″ long plank, 12mm thickness, and a lifetime warranty. Portland Laminate flooring.


As you can see there are many different looks, textures, colors, and styles of laminate flooring available. We have hundreds for you to choose from in varying qualities, thicknesses, lengths and budgets. To see many more options, check out our online laminate floor catalog for additional looks.

Not All Laminate Floors Are Created Equal

Just like with any other flooring product, you often get what you pay for. Price often has a lot to do with the quality of laminate flooring and how realistic a particular brand or product is, so laminate floors vary greatly on how they look, feel, and ultimately feel in your home.

In general, the less expensive the laminate is, the more obvious it is that they are not real wood. This distinction between quality flooring and cheaper models is frequently determined when you walk on them. Cheap laminate flooring looks, sounds, and feels fake and it isn’t hard to figure that out. The sound and feel of walking on very inexpensive laminate will be clear to even the completely unaware consumer.

Many homeowners who are looking to replace flooring in rentals or flip houses choose laminate flooring for cost savings, and that is a great reason. However, it is important to select flooring that will add perceived value to the property, rather than distract from the perception of quality. Low-quality flooring will definitely be observed by those who see it and can often reduce the value of a property even though they are brand new and recently installed.