Two remodeling projects have the highest return on your investment: bathrooms and kitchens. And those are the rooms we spend a lot of time in, now aren’t they?

Our suggestions here can be for your house or if you’re in a condominium. There’s no reason why you can’t have a lovely bathroom wherever you live.

Build your master bath to satisfy your needs. Sometimes the little details are what bring joy. Look for current bathroom trends with new sink faucets, mirrors, shower heads, and optimized storage space.

Trend #1 – Oversized Colorful Tiles

Recently, grey was considered the most popular style of a bathroom remodeling project, but times have changed. This season will move towards bolder, warmer designs. Gray was good (and color of the year a few years back), and colors are better. You can add in the color through oversized tiles on the floor and on the walls.

Freestanding bathtubs are on the rise. Most people still prefer showers that are large. Another trend is two shower heads – one on either side. You’ll increase the fun with warm colors in the shower that make it seem more inviting.

Also, look for softer tones for accents, fixtures, and bath accessories. Earth tones match perfectly with most colors. Green, blue and brown tones are part of the Earth palette; however, this year their hues are warm tones. The earthy hues make eye contact easier, enhancing your relaxation through nature and a feeling of overall well-being.

You can also find new and updated hexagons, arabesque, diamond, Moroccan fish scales, or chevrons instead of going with the old standby of subway tile accenting medium-sized tiles in cooler shades.

Trend #2 – Raw and Natural Materials

Natural finishes offer a timeless look as well as an alternative to the cold surfaces of the bathroom. Wood texture provides a good choice for connecting with a natural ambiance. Choose lighter materials with a history that can be seen through vintage stained surfaces. You can put Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) or Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) in bathrooms, and they are a wonderful and affordable option to provide natural texture.

Bathrooms used to be monochrome once upon a time. Remember all white? Or all pink! Grey is the current home design trend because it’s a neutral that can be dressed up and down. Grey brings out warmer colors and accents, especially natural wood. Wooden surfaces also complement white, blue, and dark bathrooms.

Another quick tip for giving your master bathroom a pop is to update your accessories regularly. You can change the towel bars to hooks or vice versa. Brushed brass is the current rising trend at the moment.

You can update the colors of your towels. And you can add artwork on the walls or shelves for storage and decoration. Additional strategically placed mirrors can make the room feel larger.

Also, look for organic materials to provide a natural touch. If there is a window, look into cotton or linen curtains. Add in wood accents to provide more of the earth tones as well as a contemporary design.

You can also look into natural stone for accents and countertops. Stone is easy to keep clean, comes in neutral shades, and never mind getting wet.

Trend #3 – Bathrooms of the Future

Make your bathrooms smarter with some easy upgrades. For example, you could hook up touchless faucets. This ensures you’re only using the amount of water you need with minimal waste.

And we all remember what happened when toilet paper became scarce. This is a great time to upgrade your toilet to a modern version with a built-in bidet function. Toilets also have fun features like seat warming, automatic opener, air dryer, and many other features.

Smart shower heads in the shower (or bathtub) are a fun contemporary twist. You can use an app to program it to start the shower and get the water warm so you can do your business and then hop right in. You can also monitor flow usage. And you can get them with lights to create spa-like sanctuaries.

Bonus Trend – Streamlined storage

Creative storage is our bonus trend for bathrooms. People are looking at a blend of hidden and visual storage with clean lines and slim shapes. They look similar to built-in bathroom cabinets and shelves, yet they look modern.

Try to design your bathroom so that there is a place for everything, and then keep everything in its place. Keep the clutter off of the counter, and off of the floor. This allows you to hop on the trend of the minimalist approach.

The master bathroom should be a bit larger and provide some living space. If you have a smaller bathroom footprint, streamlining your storage will make the entire bathroom feel larger.

Figure out what you want your focal point to be, and then build up your bathroom around that.

The great thing about updating the look of your master bathroom is that you can go big or small. There are a number of trends for 2022 that you can use to update the visual interest of your master bathroom. You can update a traditional bathroom with some pops of color or add in natural accents. Then you can update the fixtures to have a more modern feel. And finally, look into better storage options to keep your bathroom feeling like a sanctuary.

If you want to view more bathroom design trends, this video gives a few more great ideas: