The Portland vibe is right out of a modern-day novel with progressive undertones and surreal nature all around it. The moody streets are offset by artistic color and passionate conviction. You can’t go downtown PDX without seeing the intertwining of industry and environment into a union that transposes into our own unique universe. This is where we begin to get our inspiration for the PDX home decor that will transform your living spaces simply, while potentially stretching out into other aspects of your everyday life.

The pounding spring rain keeps the grass vibrant and the flowers and trees are in anticipation of bursting into full bloom. So, it is no wonder that we are well past ready for some sprucing up of our in home decor and style.


Here are some uniquely Portland decor and design ideas that will make you feel rejuvenated inside and outside of your home.

Green And Sustainable Home Decor Ideas

Keep Things Green and Sustainable – All things should be cared for with conscious use and thoughtful reuse is a typical Portland mantra. It’s no wonder why we really focus on reusing, recycling and reducing every aspect of materials and resources that we have at our disposal. Let’s look around within our own homes and see some of the best creative ways to take items we already have and reuse, re-purpose and recycle them into something or someplace new.

A. Try taking old silverware you own or you find in a yard sale and re-purpose them as kitchen cabinet pulls and handles. Select different patterns or all the same design, depending on the look that you are wanting to achieve within your space. This technique can inspire retro, modern or eclectic styling, based on how you use it.

B. Do you have old tools and garden equipment in your garage or shed? Why not clean them up and recycle them as unique hooks and stays inside your house. In the laundry room the old trowels will make adorable hooks while the old screwdrivers and hammers make great accents in the mud room for hanging backpacks and jackets.

C. Have you just remodeled your kitchen or bathroom? Don’t throw away the cabinet doors but distress them, paint them or add a decoupage finish to them then hang them in your hallways or guest rooms as wall art. Use tension cable with a pulley system at the top for an added industrial style, great for all you steampunk fans.

D. If you have any large flower planters in the shed or wash tubs and water troughs lying around you can bring them indoors and create a stunning side table out of them. If you don’t have any of these, they are easy to find at garage and estate sales. You will need to create a simple table top for it out of reclaimed wood and securely adhere it together. You can repaint it or stain it if you like but the rustic nature of its weathered patina will give your new table its own character just as it is.

E. Lastly, we all have a bureau or chest of drawers in our home, holding things we long forgot what we placed inside them. Try giving your room a punch of pizzazz by removing the bottom drawers and either painting the inside or lining it with a fantastic print. Then replace the removed drawers with a few natural woven baskets. Boom!  A simple facelift for any bedroom.

Coffee Inspired Design Perfect For The PDX Home

Java It Up With Coffee Decor – What self-respecting Portlander doesn’t enjoy a hot cup of joe once in a while or perhaps daily would be more accurate. Taking the love for that dark roast favorite into your home decor is a short distance to grasp. Give these a try in your kitchen, family room or office.

A. A coffee bean project with whole coffee beans. This one is so simple you most likely have everything you need to create it in your house right now. Find a few clear mason jars, various size and shape vases or even an old fish bowl. Fill the various containers with roasted whole coffee beans part way up the container. Now find a few candles to inset in the center of the container. We suggest unscented candles for this since the wonderful aroma of the coffee beans will most likely steal the show but if you have a vanilla or hazelnut scented candle those would work nicely also. Lastly, just add a few more beans by hand around each candle to properly seat them and keep them from falling over. This works great with flameless candles as well.

B. Coffee mug prints and coffee images can be printed from your computer, found at yard sales, or even in magazines and newspapers. Cut them out and decoupage them to reclaimed wood blocks you cut from an old table, an old used cupboard or scrap wood you have lying around. You can even apply a light coat of stain and sealant after they dry for a touch of vintage appeal. To create a 3-D effect, hot glue a few whole beans to the actual artwork or create a textured frame around it with those roasted treasures.

C. Light it up coffee-style. You might have a collection of mismatched coffee mugs or cups in your kitchen. Why not suspend them as pendant lighting over your own home coffee bar? You might need some help in the actual electrical installation but use the coffee cups as the light shades for the raw suspended bulbs. Consider hanging three in a row or even a few more at different heights for a dramatic effect.

D. Do you have an old coffee decanter in your cabinet? We have a use for that! Create a living terrarium out of it. You will need to possibly purchase a few terrarium friendly plants and moss but the final product not only puts your old coffee pot to good use but provides healthy living in your home. Houseplants provide great filtration for your air especially where less circulation is available. You can also find retro coffee grinders and other old-time coffee accessories and make small planters out of them for your deck or patio. Even a few air succulent plants tucked in the right small drawers would be charming and be virtually maintenance free.

These Portland design and home decor ideas will be a perfect fit in your PDX home. Pick a few of these home decor ideas or do all of them. We think that you’ll enjoy the pick me up these home design refreshers will bring, while you embrace more of the cool styling of the cosmopolitan Portland vibe.