Not only is the floor the foundation for life, it is also one of the most commented on and complimented components of any house. Yet, time and time again, if there is one look for flooring that stands head and shoulders above the rest, it’s the wood floor.

If you have wood flooring in your home, chances are, you’ve heard this from one of your guests, “I absolutely love your wood floor. It really makes your home feel warm and cozy.”

When it comes to the most popular choices for residential flooring, there is no doubt that wood stands alone. Whether it be solid hardwood flooring or even flooring manufactured to look like wood, people love the timeless look. Recently, as housing prices continued to sky rocket, many homeowners opted instead to remodel. In this, it has led many to rip that outdated and stained carpet up to then refinish that wood floor hidden underneath or to replace it altogether.


Within hardwood flooring choices, there are many choices depending on the type of wood, look, and feel you are wanting to have for your space. One of these choices, is hand scraped hardwood flooring.

What Is Hand Scraped Flooring?

Well before there were machines that aided in the process of sanding and finishing the planks of wood down, hand scraped wood flooring was considered the norm. To do this in the pre-machine era, meant craftsman essentially became artisans who would plane by hand, every board. In doing this, it gave each board a unique look and feel with scratches, marks, and uneven pockets.

You will find handscraped hardwood flooring in a lot of older structures which were built well before the Industrial Revolution.

Today, there is no doubt that those who provide hand scraped hardwood floor are true artisans. Using tools such as chisels, hand planes, and metal gouges, these modern-day artisans create the look and feel of hand scraped wood flooring. With this unique and detailed attention, each floor is distinct in nature. Once this process is complete, the wood flooring is enhanced by the staining and finishing process.

When looking to install hand scraped flooring, many ask also about distressed flooring. Is there a difference between the two?

What Is The Difference Between Hand Scraped and Distressed Flooring?

Although both hand scraped and distressed flooring end up with similar results, distressed flooring lacks the individual artisan touch to each individual plank by instead running the planks through a distressing machine. Another method for distressing is by first installing the flooring and then by running a machine over the floor to produce that aged look.

What Are The Benefits To Handscraped Wood Flooring?

  1. Durable – For homes with small children, pets, and high traffic areas, hand scraped hardwood floors are a solid choice. This is due to the sheer nature of the flooring with its unique variation of scrapes and marks which can more easily hide the marks, scratches, and dents everyday usage can create. This alone makes this choice much less stressful for the homeowner.
  2. Rustic – The rustic choice is always a favorite of designers due to its simplistic nature. And like pairing fine wine with various foods, the rustic look pairs well with a wide range of design aesthetics.
  3. Low Maintenance – Not only is hand scraped wood flooring durable, it is also very low maintenance. When head to head with carpet, there is no question that anything with a hard surface is going to be much easier to take care of and with a lot less effort. Certainly, you will always want to refer to the manufacturers recommended tips for self-care.

Are There Any Setbacks To Handscraped Wood Flooring?

Two setbacks to having hand scraped hardwood flooring is both installation and cost. Here is a brief explanation as to why they are considered a setback.

  1. Installation – With the costlier nature of each plank, coupled with artisanship of each plank can make it more difficult to install, many home owners will instead opt to have a professional do the installation. For the novice, this is well worth it.
  2. Cost – Due to the artisanship of this type of flooring, which includes hand scraping and distressing each plank, it can make hand scraped wood flooring more expensive.

Of course, for many, having that antique and rustic look in their homes is worth the investment, especially when considering the overall durability of hardwood flooring alone as well as what the unique artisanship each plank brings. Having hand scraped hardwood floors in your house, truly will make it, one of a kind.

Where Is The Best Place To Find Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring?

At Simple Floors PDX, we offer an incredible selection of many kinds of hardwood flooring to choose from, all with varying wood floor finishes and colors. We also pair our selection with an experienced team to help make your next flooring project seamless.

With our handscraped hardwood floors category, we have a great selection to choose from. Here are a few choices of hand scraped hardwood floors we offer:

  1. Cali Antique Java Wide Click Bamboo Fossilized® Wood Floor – The Cali Antique Java Wide Click Bamboo Fossilized® Wood Floor is an engineered bamboo wood flooring product available in Portland. This handscraped bamboo wood flooring has a Micro Bevel – WIDE Click edge, with a 5-5/16″ wide plank, 9/16″ thickness, and 50 yr warranty.
  2. Reward Maple Horizon Soft Handscraped Engineered Wood Floors – is a maple engineered floor with a Soft Handscraped surface and micro bevel edge design and 7 Coats of Aluminum Oxide finish. This maple, engineered floor is 6″ wide and has a 25-year warranty.

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