Looking for something free to do in Portland? Or are you looking to discover something new around Portland? Well, as many of us know, Portland has some amazing things to do right inside the city as well as within our close suburbs such as Beaverton, Tualatin, and Lake Oswego. Whether it is our fantastic Portland Saturday markets, Farmers markets, the waterfront or other events, there is really a lot of activities we can all enjoy. But when you are looking for something new or different and that doesn’t cost anything, you need to think a bit outside of the box!

Pretty much anywhere you are in the Portland Metro area, you can be in nature within just a few minutes. Though our Portland metro area is one of the top large cities in the country, you can’t escape the fact that our fabulous green spaces, trails and mountainous wilderness that surrounds our Portland-area communities is second to none.


Here’s a question for you. When was the last time you took a moment to just jump in the car and drive outside of the Portland area and the suburbs? No plan, just driving to find something new around Portland?

We recently did just that and it not only was it incredibly awesome, but it also reminded us why we are here, doing business here and so very blessed! Have a look.

What To Do Around Portland – Free?

A few weekends ago the sun was shining. It wasn’t very hot, but the sun, scenery, and clouds were simply perfect. We didn’t have any plans, but couldn’t resist getting outside. Rather than heading downtown or looking up local Portland farmers markets that might be open, we decided to just create an adventure. We wanted to discover something new and different around the Portland area. Something that didn’t require money, a plan and or even a map.

Sometimes doing something in Portland that doesn’t cost anything is a great way to find a different perspective. It doesn’t have to be about the lack of money to do these kinds of things, rather it can be about finding the unfound, discovering the undiscovered and forcing yourself to get out, getaway and do something for your soul instead of from the pocket-book. Getting away from the Portland, Beaverton and suburb crowds and traffic, and experiencing the beauty and wonder that surrounds our amazing Portland area.

This is exactly what we did. We jumped in the car and headed nowhere particular. (is it me or does that sound like a Forest Gump quote?) Nevertheless, I just have to tell you that what we found was amazing and I highly suggest that you do it too! Watch this short video and photo compilation of some of what we discovered around Portland, then read on…

Where To Go Around Portland For Fun

Pretty amazing wasn’t it? This was just part of the Portland area we discovered that we didn’t even realize was there. We had no idea we could see views from Tualatin to Portland so readily. We had no clue that there were such beautiful homes atop this mountain connected by windy roads and smothered in lush greenery, just a short drive from downtown.

Where was it you ask? We ended up in Sherwood near the DMV between Sherwood and Tualatin on Tualatin Sherwood Road. We randomly decided to take SW Oregon Street toward downtown Sherwood and proceeded straight through the roundabout on SW Murdock Road. By continuing to just drive West and away from populated areas we ended up atop Parrett Mountain Road with the views, wineries and incredible homes shown in the video above.

free adventure around Portland from Sherwood Oregon

Get Out There And Explore

After this experience, I can tell you that there are many of these kinds of adventures to be had in the Portland area. If you are in Beaverton, drive to the Murrahill area and park, then take the trails that lead all the way toward Highway 26. Talk about amazing views, nature and an incredible walk? This is one you should try.

If you are in downtown Portland, head up to the Zoo and clamber along the trails to the International Rose Test Garden and check out the store. Get on some of the many paths and explore wilderness right next to downtown!

If you are on the Portland Eastside, head for a drive away from the city and shoot off the beaten path to discover mountain roads you have never taken.

If you’re West of Portland, jump on Highway 26 toward the Oregon coast, yet with no intention of seeing the ocean. Take exits off the highway you never paid attention to. Shoot up roads that seemingly lead nowhere and follow them until you discover something that you would have never expected!

The key here is that Portland Metro offers us wilderness all around our downtown and suburban centers. We have the ability to enjoy nature, beauty, and landscapes without traveling great distances. It doesn’t take money or planning to include Portland area adventures in our lives.

Looking for something to do around Portland? Just head out and explore. Create moments and experiences that can be far more valuable and rewarding than expensive crowded events inside the city. I can assure you, it will be well worth it!

What are some adventures like this that you have taken around the Portland area?