Wide plank wood flooring is a new trend that is gaining in popularity among homeowners. With literally thousands of styles of flooring on the market today, consumers are frequently looking for styles that will break out of the ordinary or common styles that are found in many homes. Opting for something unique, that displays character and the ability to establish cohesion with a host of decorating styles, wide plank wood floors are an ideal option for many homeowners. But what exactly are wide plank floors?

What Is Wide Plank Flooring?

Wide plank flooring is typically considered to be floor planks that are at least four or five inches in width. Though most wide plank flooring material usually maxes out at around the eight to nine-inch width range, they can come in a multitude of different lengths, material compositions, species, and colors. The most common wide plank sizes are between four inches and seven inches in width.

In contrast, the most common wood flooring style pre-1980 consisted of the average oak wood floor strips with widths from around two to four inches, in varying lengths. Wider and even longer plank floors offer a unique look and visual interest that can make spaces seem larger and more open due to having far fewer seems distracting the eye. Plus, wide planks allow for a large range of decor options that can make any style just a bit different.

Is Wide Plank Flooring More Expensive?

Many people believe that wide plank floors are more expensive than traditional wood flooring dimensions, however, you need to consider all of the details. Wide plank floors come in an endless amount of colors, styles, species, and lengths and therefore pricing will vary just a similar as it does with regular width flooring. So, just like with any other type of flooring material, you really need to take all factors into consideration.

Probably the most important point about wide plank flooring is a lower installation cost. Remember, this kind of flooring is much wider than traditional widths, meaning that fewer boards are required during installation. The time and cost savings that are obtained when you choose a wider plank material can make a significant impact in the overall costs of your flooring and result in a very similar or only slightly more expensive choice.

But keep in mind that the same or slighter higher overall cost of a wider plank flooring material will be totally offset by the completely unique style and visual impact that wider plank floors will make in your home.

What Floor Materials Come In Wide Plank?

Wide plank flooring is typically available in most flooring types from luxury vinyl tile, engineered wood flooring, laminate, tile and of course solid hardwood floors. Probably the least common material used for larger plank widths is laminate flooring due to its composition. Having said that, just about any type of flooring material that is being manufactured today can likely be found in a wider size.

Amazing Wide Plank Flooring Options

Enough about the details, we know you want to see some amazing wide plank flooring. We have put together a grouping of just a few of the wide plank brands, styles and species options that we offer our Portland area customers. This is not a complete list of options mind you, but rather a representation of just a few of the more popular styles and colors that are available.

Oasis Cottage View Oak

Oasis Cottage View Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring, Old Carmel line in our Portland flooring showroom is an oak engineered wood floor has a wire brushed, rustic surface and a micro bevel edge design and a UV Lacquer 6 layer finish. This oak engineered wood floor comes 8 3/4” wide plank and a 25-year warranty.

Reward Oak Clifton

Oak Clifton Wire Brushed Engineered Wood Floor by Reward Flooring, Castle Collection available in Portland is a Dark European Oak engineered floor with Wire Brushed surface and micro bevel edge design and 7 Coats Aluminum Oxide finish. This Portland oak engineered floor is 7.5″ wide with a 25 yr warranty.

Distressed Mocha Smooth

The Cali Bamboo Eco-Engineered™ Distressed Mocha Fossilized® Smooth Bamboo Wood Floors – Wide+ T&G is a engineered bamboo wood floor available in Portland. This smooth bamboo floor has a Micro Beveled – Wide Plus T&G edge, a 7-1/2″ wide plank, 5/8″ thickness, an aluminum oxide finish and 50 yr warranty.

Norwegian Maple LVT

The Coretec Plus 5” Collection Norwegian Maple Luxury Vinyl Tile Wood Floors available in Portland. This Luxury Vinyl Tile maple wood floor is crafted with a micro bevel edge. Our Coretec maple LVT flooring in Portland has a 5” wide plank, 48″ length, natural wood grain look and lifetime warranty.

Browse hundreds more wide plank floor options now.

Is It Time To Consider Wide Plank Wood Flooring?

Wide planks are a flooring trend that we are expecting to continue for several more decades to come. Its ability to make rooms appear larger and less cluttered while offering unique characteristics not found in typical strip flooring options that are very common all make it a clear choice. No matter whether your decorating style is eclectic or modern, contemporary or rustic, wide planks can make a dramatic impact on the styling of your home.

If you would like more information on the wide plank floor options, you can either browse our online catalog, speak with one of our experienced flooring associates to get a quote or come into our Portland metro area showroom to look at your options. We have over 3,000 flooring SKUs available with extra large sample boards that make picking the right wide plank floor for your home simple and easy. How can we help you find the right wide plank style for your home today?