Since we had some questions come up after our article on Five Things to Know About Luxury Vinyl,  we thought we’d dive a little deeper into this terrific flooring option.

Lighter Weight Flooring

If you want engineered or solid wood but discovered it wasn’t the best option due to the weight of the planks, luxury vinyl plank is very lightweight.

LVT is lighter than ceramic or stone tile as well.

A professional will be able to evaluate your home and its subfloor to determine what weight load it can handle. If you have an older home, they can also see if any of the joists need to be repaired.

Inexpensive To Repair

Luxury vinyl tile resists scratches extremely well. If you happen to get a scratch, you can use a little car wax as a buffing agent to restore the original shine.

And if necessary, you can replace one tile quickly and easily because the flooring floats over the subfloor without any need for adhesives or fasteners.

And with a 30-year guarantee, you can be confident it will look great even in the high traffic areas.

How To Clean LVT

If you’re concerned about expensive upkeep, rest assured that luxury vinyl flooring is very inexpensive to maintain. Bob Villa himself said that you just need to vacuum regularly, and can use water and a sponge mop to keep things clean.

How to clean vinyl tile floorsHe also suggests using apple cider vinegar to clean the floors with no soap residue or buildup. If you use white vinegar, it will disinfect your floors as you mop.

You don’t ever want to use a cleaner with bleach in it. It’s too harsh and could damage the flooring.

Like all flooring, you will want to clean up anything that could leave a stain promptly. You can use a paste of baking soda and water to safely scrub an area. The bottom line is that you want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on care. And this type of flooring is very easy to keep clean and maintain.

How Is LVT Different Then LVP

They’re actually quite similar. LVT is a luxury vinyl tile and comes in a tile shape. This could be square or hexagonal or any other shape that you’d expect to see tile. It also looks like stone or concrete.

LVP is a luxury vinyl plank and comes in a plank or rectangular shape. You would use LVP when you would want your floor to look like wood planks.

They both have the same functionality as waterproof flooring that is durable and resists scuffs.

Is Vinyl Flooring Non-Toxic?

Yes, luxury vinyl tile and planks are safe. While they use chemicals during their manufacturing, our brands are free from phthalates which makes them non-toxic. There may be some VOC off-gassing for a short period of time after they are installed. It will be less than carpeting. And it will be about the same amount of time you’d have to wait to walk on the floor if you had tile or hardwood installed since the glue needs time to set up.

You can feel confident that you are doing well by yourself and the environment when you choose luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl planks.

What Else Should You Know about LVT?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the rest of your questions.

The Sun Can Fade Your Floors

Like all flooring, LVT and LVP can fade if it’s consistently in direct sunlight. Some people use sheers to diffuse the sunshine and others use a window tint or a window film to keep out the damaging rays.

Does Luxury Vinyl Tile Need Grout?

No, you don’t need grout with LVT. However, you can put it in if you wish that look. And some of the tiles have grout lines built-in.

We tend to think of grout as the cement-based material that fills the voids between tiles and between tiles and walls or countertops. It bonds the tiles together.

There are some LVT’s that are susceptible to peeling and lifting in the corners. Grout can prevent this. You can use a sealer over the cement or epoxy grout as well to protect it from water.

So, you don’t need to grout your LVT unless you want that specific look.

Will LVP Increase My Home Value?

It’s hard to say what will increase or decrease your particular home’s value. We can say that vinyl plank and tile floors are well-loved due to their reputation for being one of the best floors available.

They’re affordable, durable, and very easy to maintain. And modern LVP and LVT don’t look cheap. They finish a room by bringing in the warmth of the look of wood or tile.

In a competitive market, people will be looking for what they don’t have to change any time soon when purchasing a property.

Can I Put LVT In The Shower?

Actually, you can. You can line the bathroom and shower walls with LVP or LVT. They’re waterproof, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting. So if you’ve always had a dream to make your shower feel like a sauna, you can do it.

Can You Use A Steam Mop On Luxury?

While it’s not recommended, some people do. The key is using the lowest temperature setting. There is a balance between the benefits of using steam to clean and being so hot that it melts the glue and warps the flooring.

It’s not something we recommend.

Do you have any questions? Send us an email or give us a call. We’d love to hear what your dream home will look like.