Most of us will never build a multi-million dollar mansion for ourselves or be able to afford extravagant woodwork and gold-covered fixtures. Though true, we can have luxurious hardwood flooring of the highest quality, style, and durability thanks to today’s incredible wood floor manufacturing advances and sustainable wood harvesting practices. That said, it can be exciting to look at what custom inlaid, luxurious, and otherwise crazy hardwood floors look like.

We set out to find some of the most unique, crazy, and luxurious hardwood flooring projects ever conceived. As wood flooring people, we wanted to find some of the most costly, unique, and exciting custom hardwood floors and installations. We were pretty surprised with many of the extravagant custom wood inlay floors, crazy do-it-yourself jobs, and amazingly skilled artistry we discovered.


After much research, we broke our findings into 3 different wood floor categories. Crazy and outlandish wood floors, High-end custom wood floors, and Artistic and Unique hardwood floors. Each has its own style and level of craftsmanship, yet it is not something most of us would ever choose, let alone be able to afford. However, each, in its own way, represents the timeless beauty, versatility, and colorful durability that has made hardwood flooring so popular for hundreds of years all around the world.

Whenever possible, we linked to the source of the floors. However, many sources may have removed the content from their website, so we can no longer link to them.

Here is what we found:

Crazy and Outlandish Wood Floors

wood flooring made from palletsOn the crazy wood flooring front, how about wood pallet flooring? Yes, that’s right, wood pallets. They are super rustic and beyond the reclaimed style wood flooring we sell yearly; imagine a do-it-yourself project that transforms industrial wood pallets into custom hardwood flooring. That’s just what this young man did. It’s not a project for the faint of heart; the results are crazy, but just under the outlandish bar. source

custom inlaid wood stack hardwood floorCan wood flooring get more crazy and outlandish than this? If you wanted to take flooring art to a whole new level, few could conceive of custom cutting and painstakingly putting this wood stack design together, let alone the time and precision required to install it. Sometimes, wood floor art goes beyond artistic and achieves a new level of crazy! Get out your checkbook for this custom wood floor design; we can assure you that you will need it! This crazy wood floor is comprised of 18 wood species, which include bamboo, bloodwood, and lyptus, along with maple. The wood floor design is then bordered with oak and a picture frame with random intrusions of other wood species. Would your home decor go with this?

High-end Custom Wood Floors

high-end custom wood flooring that is so expensiveHere’s a custom wood floor installation that deserves to be in each of the three categories. The sheer time, craftsmanship, and expertise that went into this high-end custom floor are amazing. The quality artistry that was utilized to bring this ancient tree from hurricane damage loss to some of the most expensive, handcrafted, custom wood flooring we’ve ever seen is mind-boggling! This custom floor design takes wide plank flooring to another level of wow!

Tile flooring that looks just like custom hardwood flooringHigh-end custom wood flooring is sometimes not as high-end as you might think. The terms custom and unique don’t always mean overly expensive, either. But what if we told you that these high-end wood floors were not even wood but rather porcelain tile? That’s right! We have wood-look tile flooring that will baffle your mind and make you swear it was actual wood. Porcelain wood tile flooring can be installed in highly custom-looking ways, provide a highly durable and damage-resistant solution, yet leave your friends envious of your wood flooring. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. source

High-end custom hardwood flooring with crazy irregular wood planksNo need to grab your glasses; what you see in these wild, high-end hardwood floors is real and designed. Rather than using straight hardwood floor planks, this hardwood floor takes the custom high-end hardwood design and makes it a reality. This expensive wood floor uses crazy irregular wood planks to piece together something that challenges the eye yet delights the soul. It’s not traditional for the average wood floor buyer, but we had trouble taking our eyes off them. Amazing! source

Artistic and Unique Hardwood Floors

expensive custom hardwood flooring puzzleWe struggled with which category to put this one under because this hardwood flooring is incredibly artistic and unique, yet some of the craziest flooring we’ve ever seen. We settled on the artistic category for this flooring simply because of the amount of artistic craftsmanship and talent that would have to go into creating wood flooring like this; it is almost unmeasurable. Its impracticality reaches new heights for wood flooring yet goes well beyond hardwood flooring and resembles something that likely belongs in a museum or on a ride at Disney. source

unique puzzle hardwood flooringThough this exciting puzzle floor is far less artistic than its above competitor and likely should reside in the high-end wood flooring category, since it is a unique puzzle flooring, we are putting it here to contrast with the handmade artistic floor version above. Though this crazy flooring was an attempt at a production line of puzzle-shaped flooring, we believe it didn’t make it.

It appears the manufacturer is gone forever. Unique hardwood flooring? Indeed! source

custom art floorWhen art slams head-on with hardwood flooring, you end up with something so incredibly unique, expensive, and artistic that it calls to mind wealth beyond comprehension. Dutch designer Pernille Snedker Hansen pushes the envelope of the lines between art and wood flooring with this incredible masterpiece of floor art. Functional yet beyond what any of us would expect to see in a home, this wood floor design pushes the boundaries of what expensive floor art encompasses. Crazy? Most definitely, yet something anyone can appreciate from afar.

custom hardwood flooring that is crazy and artistic luxurySuppose you were to focus on luxury interior design, which incorporates artistic wood floors and other surface treatments in ways that defy average. In that case, you end up with designs from Jamie Beckwith. This custom artwork, craftily disguised as the masterful beauty of wood flooring, transcends the typical and the high-end categories to something that can only be recognized as luxurious, expensive, AND pure art.


There are indeed some amazing, crazy, and unique hardwood floors that are being designed and created by skilled craftspeople worldwide. We celebrate the unique wood floor styles and creativity that conceived them. They are something to appreciate but not something most of us will ever hope to have in our own homes. Beautiful hardwood flooring doesn’t have to be outlandish or cost extreme amounts of money. Beauty, quality, and durability at the best prices are what most people look for when searching for hardwood floors.