In Portland, we tend to do a lot of laundry, given the fact that we get so much rain, our outdoor adventurous lifestyle and because we are quite active. All of these things come together to create piles of laundry that we have to tackle on a weekly basis. So our laundry spaces can be one of the most used, yet overlooked areas of our homes.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Having an efficient laundry room can make dealing with the mountain of dirty clothes less of a chore and result in more peace and free time. When you make your laundry space a priority in your home design or renovation project, you have the opportunity to transform it into something that will help you rather than a place of dread and anxiety.

The Best Laundry Room Remodel Ideas

In an effort to help you design the best laundry room space, we have compiled some design ideas to guide you. Though everyone has different family sizes and priorities with respect to their soiled clothing, we have brought together some of the best laundry room ideas that you should consider when redesigning your space.

Laundry Room Priorities

Room Size

The first thing to consider in your remodel that involves the laundry room is the overall space. The potential size of your laundry room will have a direct impact on its resulting usability. So consider whether the space you have is going to create a clean, open environment or if making some changes to the size of the space is needed or even possible. Taking some time on this step will pay dividends on whether your new laundry space is ok or amazing when you’re done.


If there is one thing that can dramatically improve your laundry space, it’s the lighting. Just like the rest of your home, having a ton of light can make your spaces seem larger, clean and more enjoyable. Add the fact that you will be doing “work” in the laundry room, the right lighting is extremely important. Look for ways to increase natural light into the space and be sure to design recessed lighting that will flood the area with clean light when needed.

Laundry room design ideas

Organizing The Laundry Room

There are a few key ideas that are often overlooked when designing a new laundry room and that’s organization. The use of the space will be greatly enhanced if you are sure to remember to make the space as usable as possible with features that make the work you do there faster, easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few tips for making your laundry space highly organized and efficient.


One of the best ways to make sure that your new space is as enjoyable as possible is to design into your plan enough of the right storage space for all of your wash products. They should be easily accessible without reaching, yet tucked away neatly and unseen until needed. This will keep your laundry space clean and neat without any eye soars cluttering everything up.

Sorting Storage

Another significant tip that will help make laundry stress free, is to create storage options that will help you organize dirty clothes before it’s time to start a load. Making at least three dirty laundry bins to cover whites, darks, and colors to house the variations. Sorting laundry prior to needing to start the washer will create a highly organized and peaceful environment for this challenging chore.

Hanging Space

We have found that having hanging space within your laundry area has multiple advantages. By pulling shirts and other hanging clothes from the dryer and immediately hanging them one by one, will result in wrinkle-free clothing that requires far less ironing. This option also reduces the need for pulling large bundles of clothes from the dryer, creating a huge mound that needs to be addressed.

Counter Space

The perfect laundry space will have ample counter space for folding. If you want to make your dirty clothes life much easier, create multiple counters within your space that are just a bit higher than normal kitchen or bathroom counters. This will reduce your need for bending and stooping and cut your folding time in half!

Laundry Room Extras


In Portland, ventilation is important, especially in damp spaces like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Consider adding additional ventilation options such as another fan and windows that can be opened. Doing so will ensure that you don’t end up with mold and will also help keep the dust down.


Do you have active pets and kids in your home? Consider adding a tub sink to your laundry room. The large utility sink will make quick work of clothing stains and give you a great location for other household cleaning activities without causing havoc in other rooms of the house.


Be sure to also consider the additional aesthetic elements of your new laundry space such as colors, textures, and flooring. You want the space to look appealing, and also be highly functional. Choose water-resistant flooring and finishes that will stand up to moisture, cleaning solutions, water, and high traffic for best results.

A laundry that is designed with these helpful ideas will transform your laundry duties into something that you at least no longer detest. Though we can’t promise you will ever love washing and folding dirty clothes, we can promise that you can enjoy it a bit more than you have with the right space.