Home Design Trends - Palms and TropicalFor the past several decades design trends have been largely driven by visual, color, texture, decor and style elements that are the latest in home design and popular at the moment. Departing from this norm, homeowners seem to be defying what once drove home design trends by allowing new functions to be the main elements in current home design. In short, many homeowners are leaning toward functionality over the other previously common trends that have previously impacted home design.

What Is Driving Home Design Trends?

In a recent interview, Meyers Research consumer segmentation expert and Principal, Mollie Carmichael discussed the elements that consumers are now focusing on for their new home builds and renovation projects. These more functional design trends are taking into account the dominating role or changing technology, purchasing and the age of our population. Let’s dig into some of the design elements that are now becoming popular according to Mollie.

What Are The New Functional Home Design Trends

Mollie Carmichael referenced a study that was conducted with over 23,000 new home shoppers across the United States. They wanted to determine what new homeowners wanted in their new homes and what they are thinking about related to the future. Here are some of the key functionality design trends that homeowners are saying that they want to see in their homes.

The following home design trend elements are not listed in any particular order of importance.

Bedroom Suites

Changes to family units have made a significant impact on American culture. With more multi-generational living arrangements becoming commonplace, it isn’t surprising that homeowners desire additional bedroom suites. In fact, 60% of consumers indicate that they want to accommodate an adult family member with additional living space to take into account this changing dynamic.

Electric Car Stations

Also, no surprise is the change that electric cars are having on our culture. The study indicates that 33% of new homebuyers want accommodations for an electric car charging station in their garage. Even though the electric car has not taken over in our society, many are thinking about the future for their vehicle selection, as well as the opportunity for enhancing resale value later on.

Home package delivery spaces are a popular design trendHome Delivery Spaces

With so many Americans making a larger percentage of their purchases online, and those home delivred items becoming increasingly under threat of theft many consumers are seeing this as a functionality enhancement that is required. In fact, 44% of consumers currently receive two or more packages delivered to their home each week. This fact establishes are a real need for secure location package drop-off functionality.

Virtual Technologies

Americans are infatuated with technology and the same is true when it comes to home tech. Everything from virtual monitoring systems, video doorbells, virtual assistants, alarms and connected home thermostats continue to rise in popularity. The internet of things (IOT) is driving innovation within the home and homeowners can’t seem to get enough of it.

Smaller Living

Homeowners are saying that they don’t really want too much space any longer. Not only are people saying they would be happy with less square footage, but they are also showing interest in various levels of tiny living. In fact, 30% of today’s home shoppers would consider owning a micro-house for the right price or location. Cost-effective alternatives to the traditional home are attractive to consumers looking to lighten maintenance and lower costs.

Improved Laundry Spaces

As we have discussed previously, the laundry room has become an increasingly important space for homeowners and this trend continues. Homeowners are looking to add more multi-functional uses with additional counter space, storage and designated areas for family pet needs. The laundry room is becoming more utilitarian to handle more than just clothes washing.


The study uncovered the interest in adding an elevator to the home, rather than simply opting for a single-story design. With our aging population and the multi-generational accommodation interests, people are saying that the idea of an elevator can widen the resale appeal and increase value by up to $100,000 due to its ability to create timeless living and convenience.

Additional Home Trends – Sustainability

In addition to functionality elements, homeowners are also still gravitating toward eco-friendly and sustainable materials for their homes, along with energy-saving building plans.

Sustainable Flooring

Sustainable flooring options which include bamboo floors, engineered hardwood flooring, and luxury vinyl tile floors are continuing to increase in popularity, especially here in Portland. Consumers want to make home design decisions that have a neutral or positive impact on the environment. Maintaining the attractive look and feel of traditional hardwood floors, but using more sustainable materials is a trend that we expect to see continuing and expending.

Energy Efficiency

Along the same line as sustainability with building materials, is the matter of energy efficiency. Homeowners are interested in making their homes more efficient with solar and battery options, as well as purchasing more energy-efficient appliances, insulation, and other home components.

As you look at your next home purchase or home renovation project, we challenge you to look outside the box. Consider how you live today and the changes to technology and lifestyle that can have a significant impact on the future role that your home will play.