America's #1 Foodie Destination - Portland, ORIf you’re an enthusiast of gourmet dining than most likely you would consider yourself a “foodie”. The term foodie comes from the appeal of those who crave after adventurous and unique flavors, but overall love the whole discovery of food in general, in all of its extraordinary tasty elements. So, it is not surprising that more and more people are eating out than they did last year and we are seeing the restaurant industry explode. The National Restaurant Association reported huge growth in dining sales in 2019 – hitting a high of $863 billion which is an increase of 3.6% from the year prior. The primary reason for this hike in restaurant attendance is convenience and socialization but we would like to also beg to guess that the delicious variety of food experiences factors in there as well. 

Portland #1 Food City – For the Win

Enter in the dawn of an era with Portland, good ole’ Stumptown, climbing the list to number one in The Best Food City in America! We know how many varieties of delectable food choices there are here and now the rest of the country knows it too. The best and least expensive choices on the food scene across the US have landed right into our backyard – PDX. We ranked overall higher than even the most well-known foodie cities; New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami to name a few. The comparison was made from over 180 different cities across the nation. The criteria comprised of 30 key factors in evaluating the competition. The data gathered was assessed by costs, accessibility to unique and rare food items, food festivals per capita, wineries and craft beer breweries per capita and more.

Here Are The Overall Top 5 Winners For The Best Food Cities:

The Best Food Cities In America - Top 5

It’s not surprising to see why Portland has moved its way to the top of the list. This thriving city is made up of a demographic of younger patrons and they dramatically see things differently than their older counterpart the baby boomers. Their food experiences are about adventure and innovation more than just the convenience of not having to cook at home. The thought exists that eating at home is more cost-effective but in the Rose City food scene there could be an argument that this doesn’t hold, especially considering the pricey cost of groceries and selection of quality ingredients. The affordability of restaurants makes enjoying a night out worthwhile and budget-friendly while providing a well-deserved night-off for the cook in the family. 

Portland Ranks High For Coffee, Craft Breweries and Wineries

Portland has already received the acknowledgment of high praise for its food worthiness that most Portlanders already know, but it also received high marks for the most coffee shops per capita and most craft breweries and wineries per capita. Exploring any one of these foodie spots will not break the bank either since Portland can tout itself as an affordable foodie destination on the map. Whether you are looking for just a hint of local flavor or bold exotic tastebud experience the Portland food scene has it all. Now, roll in the coffee and tea shops plus a plethora of craft brewery places and you have yourself the makings of the most exciting foodie experience on the planet. Also, travel a bit outside of the Portland skyline and visit any one of the well-known wineries in the Portland Metro area, affectionately called the Oregon Wine Country.

Here Are The Top 5 Most Craft Breweries and Wineries Per Capita:

Most Craft Breweries and Wineries Per Capita

So, while Portland did not make the top of the list for most ice cream per capita, I think we can all agree we certainly enjoy our coffee and food trucks just fine, thank you! The PDX foodie experience is all about trying different food adventures and that is what the Portland food industry wants to be known for. The ability to try new food innovations, flavors and even tech experiences via food is how we approach life and we don’t think any of us Portlanders would want it any other way.