We don’t often toot our own horn or shout from the mountaintops the things that we do, however, sometimes it is important to do it. We are sharing a little bit about what we do for our community so our readers and customers understand that we are a part of our community, we love our community and we are involved in making it better.

Now we want you to know that we aren’t and likely never will share all of the amazing things that we do to support Portland and the surrounding communities, but we will share some of what we do on occasion. This is one of those times…

Rock n’ Roll Camp For Girls New Flooring

Recently we had the privilege of providing new flooring for the Rock n’ Roll Camp for Girls new location. When we heard that the flooring of their new facility was in bad shape and they needed something more durable that could handle the traffic, dancing, and constant equipment movement, we decided to help.

Simple floors donated and installed the new floors that not only met the needs of the organization but looked amazing also.

Rock n' Roll Camp For Girls New Flooring

Whisper Running – Lake to Bay Medals

Donated medals - Whisper Running Sometimes the Portland community needs help with things that aren’t products or services that we provide. We find that there are times to contribute in other ways. For two years in a row we have stepped up and provided the medals for the Whisper Running Lake to Bay run.

Held in July, the Lake to Bay run is a 60 mile, same-day run. Whisper Running focuses primarily on Youth, but the event is open to all. We donated the cost for the medals for the last two years of the event.

Honoring Local Veterans

Finally, we are proud to highlight our past support of local veterans who served our country. Back in 2016 we made the decision to find a local Portland area veteran that needed new flooring in their home. This journey took our entire company by surprise. Not because we decided to do this, but the entire process and the stories that came out of it.

What started as a mission to bless a single vet turned into helping two local veterans. Both with touching stories that we think will touch your heart also. The service that these two amazing individuals gave their country is only surpassed by the amazing story of hope and giving that they embody today also.

We highly suggest to take a look back at these stories and join us in continuing to make an impact within our Portland area. You can read the entire stories here:

Portland Veteran Story Will Touch Your Heart

Local Portland Area Veteran Tiffany Plous

Portland Veterans Get Hardwood Floors

Watch these touching stories that we are proud to share.

Finally, we want to say that Simple Floors Portland is not just a flooring store in the Portland, Vancouver area. We are people who love our PDX community, and who invest in our local community in many ways. Some of the investments that we make are public, some are done quietly with a low profile, but every day we care about Portland and its people beyond the business we do here.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.